The 5 Best Tamarindo Restaurants for Breakfast

Buenos días!  You’re in Tamarindo, the sun is up, and you’re hungry!  There are lots of places you can get a bite to eat, but what about the best places?  That’s a different question, and to get a good answer, you’re going to have to ask a local—someone who lives here has tried them all and knows which restaurants are the best restaurants in Tamarindo.  And not just the best restaurants — the best breakfast spots.

best restaurants in Tamarindo

You’re lucky. That’s who we are, and right now the breakfast dilemma is the question we’re going to answer for you.  Make a list.  You’ll have time to try them all.

  1. Nogui’s

best restaurants in Tamarindo

Tamarindo’s classic breakfast meeting place is Nogui’—and it’s also Tamarindo’s oldest restaurant.  Be certain that it wouldn’t have survived the test of time if the food wasn’t fabulous!  Nogui’s is right on the beach in the center of Tamarindo where the road into town stops in a cul-de-sac.  It’s an awesome place to watch Tamarindo start its busy day, to sip on a bottomless cup of hot Costa Rican coffee, and order something delicious.  The breakfast selections are a variety of American standards like bacon and eggs, Costa Rican must-haves like gallo pinto, Belgian waffles buried in whipped cream, fruit plates, and breakfast sandwiches.   Juices and smoothies made from seasonal fruit are always a great choice, or if it’s a mimosa kind of morning they can make you one of those too.

If people-watching is your thing, Nogui’s is a great place to spend the morning.  Locals love Nogui’s, so if you’re curious about life in Tamarindo beyond vacation, come have a cup of coffee with us and our neighbors.

best restaurants in Tamarindo
Beachfront seating at Nogui’s Restaurant.  This photo of Nogui’s is courtesy of TripAdvisor


  1. Chiringuito

Opinions may vary, but no one seems ready to dispute the statement that Chrinquito has the best coffee in Tamarindo.  Their breakfast menu is brief but diverse and everything on it is…amazing!

Chiringuito, like Nogui’s is right on the beach (just south of Nogui’s) and tends to be more laid back in the day’s early hours than Nogui’s.  If you have a morning sweet tooth to feed, do not leave Tamarindo without trying the French toast at Chiringuito.  It may be the most unbelievable thing you’ve ever eaten before the middle of the day.

A healthy breakfast is a delicious breakfast.  Photo by Brooke Lark


  1. Breakfast Grinds

Now here’s a place that named itself after the breakfast shift, so you know they do breakfast right!  Breakfast Grinds, in fact, has been making Tamarindo breakfast for the last 15 years.  They specialize in everything American, plus burritos, enormous fruit plates, and Costa Rican gallo pinto.  The coffee is bottomless, the smoothies are cold, and the view from your table is guaranteed to be fantastic.  Breakfast Grinds isn’t directly on the beach, but it is on the second floor right across the street from one of Tamarindo’s central beach access points and a popular surf spot.  Watch the surfers catch wave after wave as you get the day off to a delicious start.

We don’t recommend you paddle out right after your breakfast at Breakfast Grinds, but if you surf early, this is an excellent place to fill up the empty tank after!

best restaurants in Tamarindo
Breakfast Grinds’ “Big Breakfast.” Photo courtesy of


  1. Special Sunday Brunch at Pangas Beach Club

Breakfast at Pangas is so special that they only serve it once a week—on Sundays.  The menu is loaded with goodies on Sunday mornings, but keep in mind that their claim to fame is their Huevos Rancheros.

Pangas is fantastically beautiful, secluded, and relaxing, with tables set right in the sand on the beach where the Las Baulas estuary meets the ocean.  Kick off your sandals, lean back in the wide cushioned lounge chairs and enjoy some fresh-brewed coffee or, hey, how about a Bloody Mary?  You’re on vacation.  You’re allowed.

Pangas Beach Club is one of the best restaurants in Tamarindo, so it’s always a good idea to call ahead and make a reservation, even for brunch.

Elegant and easy.  Photo property of Pangas Beach Club


  1. Eat at Joe’s, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp

Have breakfast just off the beach in front of Tamarindo’s most popular surf zone!  Again, lots of Costa Rican and American options are on the breakfast menu, and from Eat at Joe’s you can watch the surfers show off, observe surf lessons in progress, and take in the lazy morning sun.  Eat at Joe’s is always a great morning choice, but when the surf’s up, breakfast comes with free entertainment.

The best thing about breakfast at Eat at Joe’s?  You can order it all day!  Late night last night?  It doesn’t matter—you didn’t miss breakfast after all.  In the mood for gallo pinto in the afternoon?  The kids want pancakes even though it’s lunchtime?  No problem.  Come by Eat at Joe’s and breakfast will soon be on the table.


These are our top five never-go-wrong favorites to get your day started off right in Tamarindo.  Got questions? Our concierge is the local expert on Tamarindo and the surrounding areas.  Give us a call or drop us a line and we’ll help you get everything you need sorted out.

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