All You Need to Know About Sunsets in Tamarindo

The sun comes up and goes down no matter where you live, but in Tamarindo “Sunset” is an event!  Listen closely and you’ll hear locals ask each other, “Are you going to Sunset tonight?” or, “Were you at Sunset yesterday?” or say things like, “See you after Sunset.”  It happens quickly and quietly, but it’s an integral part of beach life in Costa Rica.  You’ll have the privilege of experiencing it yourself during your Tamarindo vacation. 

Because Costa Rica is so close to the equator, the sun sets quickly, and at roughly the same time all year.  The earliest sunsets of the year happen just after 5 PM and the latest of the year happen just after 6 PM.  For the sun to disappear over the horizon takes less than a minute, so if you want to watch it happen, pay attention. 

Here are some Tamarindo Super Sunset Facts to consider:

–In the dry season (January – April), sunset is beautiful.  The fiery ball sinks from a crystal clear sky into the horizon behind the sea, and darkness settles quickly.  It doesn’t take long at all after the sun is gone for the sky to dim enough that Venus is visible overhead slightly to the south. 

–In the rainy season (May – December), sunsets are a spectacular show that can last for an hour or more.  Why?  It’s not that the sun sets more slowly–the difference is that the clouds create a movie screen for a light show of colors that goes on and on as the angle of the light changes and the clouds themselves move.

–During the time of year with shorter days, the sun sets in the southwest.  Tamarindo is on the north-facing side of the Tamarindo Bay, which means that to watch the sunset into the ocean, instead of behind the point between Tamarindo and Langosta, you need to be on the north side of the beach, up on the hill, or in Playa Grande or Langosta.

Favorite Sunset Spots in and Around Tamarindo

Noguis Restaurant

Noguis is Tamarindo’s oldest bar/restaurant.  It’s beachfront location in the center of town is an ideal spot to watch a Tamarindo sunset.  Nogui’s serves 2 x 1 drinks during their happy hour that goes from 4:30 to 5:30.  This is important to know because at some times of year the sunset is after 5:30, but happy hour at Noguis is a happy hour at Noguis.  After the sun goes down and your glass is empty, take a look at the menu and stay for dinner.  Noguis has been serving fresh seafood and Costa Rican specialties since the 1970s.

El Chiringuito

El Chiringuito is another excellent Tamarindo beachfront location to watch the sunset.  Happy hour lasts from 4:30 to 6 PM, during which time domestic beers are 1000 colones ($2) and certain well drinks are 2000 colones ($4).  Chiringuito often has live music during sunset and offers an incredible view of the bay.  Their snack menu has lots of yummy treats that go well with your sunset drink.  El Chiringuito is also an excellent dinner choice.  If you like seafood or a good hamburger, look no further.  Their tuna tartare and the octopus kabab are two local favorites you really need to try.

El Vaquero

El Vaquero is a lively beachfront bar on the north end of Tamarindo, which means it’s favorite during the time of year when the sun sets furthest to the south.  El Vaquero has sunset drink specials every day and often presents live music.  If the tide is high, you watch surfers catch waves as the sun goes down, being as El Vaquero is located in front of Tamarindo’s most popular surf break. 

Langosta Beach Club

2 x 1 cocktail specials are Langosta Beach Club’s way of celebrating the sunset.  This is one of Tamarindo’s classiest spots to enjoy a beach day and the sunset.  A day pass at the beach club includes use of the pool, whereas the restaurant and bar are open to the public any time.  It may come as a surprise, considering the name of this beautiful beach club, that it is not located in Langosta, but on the south side of Tamarindo beach.  This is the quieter side of town, with less foot traffic, less chaos, smaller waves, and a more relaxing atmosphere.  Enjoy dinner at the beach club if you’re hungry after the sun goes down.

A Sunset Cruise

Here’s an idea for something different:  Take afternoon snorkeling and sunset cruise.  Several catamarans and a sailboat anchored in the bay offer afternoon tours that end as the sun sets in Tamarindo.  You will never forget the peacefulness of watching sunset from the boat as you skim over the waves towards the little lights twinkling on along the coast. 

Snacks and an open bar are included on the boat, so it’s essentially a happy hour that lasts all afternoon.  When the dingy drops you off on the beach as night falls, you’ll be happy, tired, and ready for a Tamarindo evening of relaxing or dancing the night away.

Playa Grande

How about sunset on the other side of the bay?  Playa Grande lies along the north side of Tamarindo Bay and faces south, making it an excellent sunset choice all year–especially when the sun sets to the south.  Playa Grande is part of the Las Baulas National Marine park, which means that it’s essentially untouched and undeveloped.  You’ll need at least 30 minutes to drive there, so plan ahead and leave in time not to miss the show!  There is a small village by the beach in Playa Grande where you can have a sunset drink and day for dinner if you’re enjoying the laid-back vibe.

Langosta Beach

Langosta is Tamarindo’s sister beach to the south.  You can walk to Langosta along the beach when the tide is low, but you’ll want to make sure that it’s still going out when you start your trek. If you lose track of time and the tide is coming in, you could have an interesting walk back to Tamarindo!  Langosta takes only a few minutes to drive to from Tamarindo.  Bring something cool to sip on and have a seat in the sand.  You’ll enjoy the energy of the ocean as it crashes over Langosta’s lava rocks with more energy than what you’ll notice in Tamarindo.  Langosta has several restaurants that can hook you up with a fantastic dinner after the sun goes down. 

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Last but not least!  One of the best places in town for you to enjoy Tamarindo sunsets just the way you like them is in our vacation rental homes and villas.  Get your snack plate and cocktails ready because the sunset from the privacy of your own luxury villa is something you’re never going to forget.  Here’s a glimpse of some of our best sunset Tamarindo vacation rentals:

Casa Costa Blanca

7 bedrooms, up to 24 persons

Casa de Luz

8 bedrooms, up to 23 people

Casa Ventanas

5 bedrooms, up to 12 people

Lomas del Mar
4 bedrooms, up to 8 people

Puesta del Sol
6 bedrooms, up to 16 people

Puros Dieces

8 bedrooms, up to 20 people

Villa Atardecer

4 bedrooms, up to 10 guests

And after all this talk about sunset in Tamarindo, what do you know?  It’s that magical time of day!  We’re headed to the beach to watch Mother Nature’s show and you’re invited to come join us!

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