Villas in Tamarindo: Amenities, Elite Services & Our Newest Rentals

Compass House Tamarindo vacation rental
Pictured: Compass House, one  of our newest Costa Rica Guanacaste vacation rentals

Discovering something new holds a unique charm – that rare exhilaration of being among the first to witness a mesmerizing vista, or to submerge yourself in the cool embrace of a private pool, or to revel in the premier upgrades and elite services at our Costa Rica Guanacaste vacation rentals.

And so, we thought we’d give you an easy way to grab hold of this uncommon luxury – the opportunity to be one of the first VRT guests to stay at our newest rentals. These homes are not just new to us; they are extraordinary in every sense. Be it the bubbles of a hot tub and fired-up pizza ovens or the endless horizon of infinity pools and panoramic ocean views, these new villas in Tamarindo offer fresh luxuries awaiting your indulgence.

Casa Leo Loco

Tamarindo | 6 Beds | 4 Baths | Sleeps 12

Casa Leo Loco villas in Tamarindo

If you’ve ever dreamed of a vacation with Tamarindo Bay views (got ‘em!), Pacific Ocean panoramas (those too!), a private hot tub (you got it!), and a multi-level infinity pool (check!), then welcome to your personal paradise. Because Casa Leo Loco is one of those Tamarindo villas for rent that ticks off every item on your wishlist and then, doubles down on all your dreams.

This private villa is an easy choice for eco-friendly Costa Rica Guanacaste vacation rentals, offering a spectacular escape to Earth-conscious design, from its locally sourced hardwoods to its walls of glass and breezy terraces, which bid you open your doors and enjoy Mother Nature’s own version of light and air-conditioning. And while we’re on the subject, know that those terraces, this pool, and these views all overlook an ocean that seems to hover so close, you can step outside and check in on surf conditions.

Which came first? Casa Leo Loco or the phrase “indoor/outdoor living”? It’s a close call… 

Elite Services at Casa Leo Loco: Daily Housekeeping, Food  & Drinks Preparation, 5-star Concierge Service

Special Gift (as of October 2023): Included boat tour

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Compass House

Tamarindo | 8 Bedrooms | 8 Baths | Sleeps 16

Compass House luxury villas for rent in Tamarindo Costa Rica

While the sun’s descent is ever westward and the compass unwaveringly points north, it’s your heart that will guide you to Compass House. Nestled atop the hills, this mansion offers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, verdant landscapes, and the Tamarindo Estuary, all under the canvas of awe-inspiring sunsets.

Step into this ocean-view haven, where the sea’s rhythm is so close you can gauge the surf just by stepping onto the terrace. Designed with an eye for elegance and sophistication, Compass House boasts towering interiors touched with a contemporary color scheme, highlighted by sleek steel details and a seamless fusion of indoor-outdoor living.

As for those sunsets, there’s no more splendid spot to view them than from your private infinity pool, next to a magnificent pizza oven and a warm Jacuzzi. These luxuries, adjacent to the outdoor dining space, frame some of the most spectacular vistas. Embrace this chance to deepen your bond with the horizon and nature’s embrace.

Elite Services at Compass House: Daily Housekeeping, Food  & Drinks Preparation, 5-star Concierge Service

Special Gift (as of October 2023): Included boat tour

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Casa Blanca

Hacienda Pinilla | 6 Bedrooms | 6 Baths | Sleeps 20

Casa Blanca Costa Rica Guanacaste vacation rentals

Welcome to Casa Blanca, the epitome of relaxation. This 6-bedroom haven is offered through our sister company, Luxury Villas Hacienda Pinilla, and is so well-appointed, it beckons you into your own personal sanctuary.

Both indoors and out, Casa Blanca owns a unique allure. As you step into the majestic outdoor space, allow true Costa Rican luxury to embrace you. Dive into your private and expansive pool, swing gently in the hammocks, and seek shade under the beautiful, thatched rancho. This oasis invites you to simply unwind, perhaps with a refreshing drink in hand. For more active moments, the spacious patio offers a serene spot for reading, while the alfresco dining area, complete with a barbecue grill, awaits your culinary exploits.

Inside Casa Blanca, luxury unfolds. The gourmet kitchen boasts state-of-the-art appliances, perfect for everything from full-course dinners to quick snacks. Each of the six sumptuous bedrooms guarantees both elegance and comfort, complete with ensuite bathrooms and unrivaled privacy. And for those seeking an added layer of seclusion, Casa Blanca proudly presents a separate guest home, ideal for grandparents, a couple, or any guests wishing for an added element of independence.

Elite Services at Casa Blanca: Daily Housekeeping, Food  & Drinks Preparation, 5-star Concierge Service

Special Gift (as of October 2023): Included boat tour

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Our Villas in Tamarindo are Packed with Amenities

aerial view Tamarindo Playa Grande 16 9

We are proud to hand-select some of the most unique, most amenity-rich Costa Rica Guanacaste vacation rentals – from affordable to luxury, our homes promise direct access to Tamarindo and the vacation lifestyle.

With experience, though, we’ve learned that true luxury isn’t a fixed idea or a checklist: it’s defined by what you cherish most. While a home’s design and amenities enhance your stay, it’s vital to focus on what truly resonates with you.

As you peruse the options, here’s a glimpse into some top-tier amenities that our guests rave about, stay after stay and year after year:

  • Pacific Ocean Panoramas: A property with ocean views is always coveted. The sweeping scenes of the Pacific Ocean are undeniably a mark of luxury. Homes that let you hear the rhythmic dance of crashing waves or those even more exclusive beachfront villas are quite the gems, especially considering Costa Rica’s majority public oceanfront.
  • Secluded Pools: Our villas in Tamarindo offer an enticing array of private pools. Think waterslides, ocean views, swim-up bars, and mesmerizing infinity edges.
  • Alfresco Living Areas: The essence of a Costa Rican getaway is embracing the outdoors. Spacious terraces, personal balconies, open-air ranchos (sheltered living spaces), BBQ zones, firepits, and sunbeds define this. In our most lavish rentals, you’ll find glass walls seamlessly merging the indoors with the breathtaking outdoors.
  • Gourmet Kitchens: Many of our modern abodes feature kitchens designed for culinary enthusiasts. And with many villas being part of our Elite Service Level, you might not even need to step into the kitchen – daily meal preparation is part of the package!
  • Contemporary Aesthetics: For those who appreciate architectural finesse or modern design, our homes with sleek lines, harmonious color schemes, and cutting-edge design concepts are a haven.

And the list doesn’t end here. Our Tamarindo villas also boast luxuries ranging from soothing Jacuzzis and well-stocked wine coolers to expansive outdoor kitchens and plush home theaters. Each amenity is meticulously crafted to impress and satisfy.

Elite Services at Select Villas

elite services breakfast preparation

Designed to eliminate your planning stress and create an indulgent Costa Rica luxury vacation experience, we’ve created our Elite Services tier. These homes include:

  • Daily Housekeeping: Our Elite Service homes receive daily housekeeping, from Monday to Saturday, exclusive of holidays.
  • Laundry Service: Your housekeeper is also available (Monday-Saturday, excluding holidays) to handle your villa, personal, and other laundry needs.
  • Daily Breakfast Preparation: Wake up every day (Monday-Saturday, excluding holidays) to the aromas of a fresh, homemade breakfast – your pick of either a traditional Costa Rican feast or international breakfast favorites.
  • Snack & Cocktail Preparation: During regular hours, your housekeeper is also available to whip up your favorite snacks and cocktails. Feel free to request poolside service!

Looking for More Villas in Tamarindo

They just happen to be our specialty!

Whether you’re venturing off the beaten path or sticking firmly to it, we can help you make the most of your time (and buck) here – even and especially if you’re traveling to Costa Rica on a budget. At Vacation Rentals of Tamarindo, our job and calling are to make you feel at home, everywhere and anywhere you find yourself adventuring.

We offer everything from cozy two-bedroom condos to top-tier luxury Costa Rica Guanacaste vacation rentals, equipped with ocean-view swimming pools, rooftop terraces, chef’s kitchens, and so much more. Search our inventory to find your perfect vacation home!