What Does the Costa Rica Wet Season Really Mean for Your Travel Plans – and 4 Perks of a Last-Minute Vacation in Costa Rica

Green season sunsets are some of the most spectacular of the year – and the world!

So, you’re thinking about traveling during the Costa Rica wet season? So, you’re a little concerned about just how wet the wet season can really be? So, you’re wondering what the difference is between the wet season and the dry season?

We can help with that, with all that. From what the green season is really like – and, for the record, the wet season is the same as the green season, but keep in mind there are mini-seasons within the season – to the many perks of the wet season, we’re filling you in on what locals already know:

Costa Rica’s green season can be a perfect time to visit. Provided you love emerald-green landscapes and heart-stopping sunsets, beaches all to yourself and significant discounts

What’s the Costa Rica Wet Season Really Like?

In a word: Green!

We are so witty and creative, we know. But seriously, the green season was not so much bestowed a name, but rather earned its name, from the landscapes that grow greener and greener as the rains fall. Your very first experience with the season will likely be a colorful one: lush and ripe and green, everywhere, paired with the tropical fluorescence of orchids and heliconia, cloud-dappled skies and kaleidoscopic sunsets.

And, while we (the collective “we”) tend to talk about the Costa Rica green season as one lump season, the reality is that the rain and overall weather can be very different from month to month. So, we thought we’d give you a brief rundown of what you can expect from the Costa Rica wet season, specifically  here in Tamarindo and Guanacaste (Costa Rica’s driest region):

  • Shoulder Season (May and November): As the weather transitions from dry to wet (May) and then back again (November), you can expect occasional showers. Depending on the year and general weather conditions, “occasional” could mean one 10-minute shower every day, a downpour every-other day, or an entire week with not a raindrop in sight.
  • Moderate Green Season (June-August): These months are perhaps the steadiest, in terms of expectations. Essentially, you know what to expect: Daily rainfall that sticks to a pattern of glorious mornings, followed by early afternoon rainfall and then, a clearing of evening skies that often produce the year’s best sunsets.
  • High Wet Season (September and October): The Costa Rica wet season can get very – well, wet. While exact weather patterns depend on the year – for example, a La Niña year is typically wetter than an El Niño year – September and October are always the wettest months of the year. That could mean an hour or two a day of gentle rainfall, or it could mean a quick-and-furious torrential downpour.

Here’s the real secret to weathering (if you’ll forgive the pun) the Costa Rica wet season: Plan for it! Build a bit of early-afternoon relaxation into your itinerary, literally. Schedule time every day, after lunch, to read a book or unwind at your vacation home. Sit out on your deck or balcony, watch the storm roll in (it’s impressive!), and enjoy one of life’s simplest pleasures: watching the rain pour down. Give yourself the time to enjoy this season. We locals sure do!

Spotlight: Villa Brisa del Mar

5 Beds | 4 Baths | Sleeps 10

Villa Brisa del Mar for the Costa Rica wet season

Bordering the leatherback turtle nesting grounds of Las Baulas, the recently redesigned Villa Brisa del Mar is named for the sweet sea breezes that kiss the air.

Welcome to the kind of place where the iguanas and toucans are your neighbors, and you’ll dine with a view of the Pacific. A luxury home with a patio and private pool that look like the set of a movie (but is really just your vacation home-away-from-home). A world where you can check the surf as you sip your morning coffee, and walk to the beach as quickly as you’d load Netflix.

Welcome to your last-minute, green-season paradise.

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4 Perks of a Last-Minute Vacation in Costa Rica

Last-minute vacations aren’t for everyone but they’re increasingly becoming for more someones. And that’s because last-minute travel provides you with the latitude and flexibility – not to mention, the deals and discounts – that you crave right now. Here are a few of the perks that await:

Perk #1: Last-Minute Discounts

It’s no secret that last-minute deals and discounts are out there. Not just on flights (but yes, often on flights!), but also extending to your accommodations, transportation, and even activities.

It’s not so much about the deal, though, but about what these discounts mean: Namely, more latitude with how you spend your vacation dollars. More bang for your buck. And, perhaps even more importantly, more buck to create your desired bang.

Spotlight: Villa Motmot

6 Beds | 4 Baths | Sleeps 14

Villa Motmot Tamarindo vacation rental

One of Tamarindo’s newest luxury vacation homes, Villa Motmot combines an ecological conscience,1,000 square-foot rooftop terrace, private pool, and magnificent sunset and ocean views, to create a perfect vacation home – and a paradise during the Costa Rica wet season.

From here, you’re just a 10-minute walk to Tamarindo beaches, surf spots, and restaurants. And you’re a 0-minute commute to the villa’s namesake: Motmots frequently visit the fruit gardens surrounding the home, which hosts a variety of tropical wildlife, exotic blooms, and other must-sees during your visit. And did we mention the 12 x 7-meter Boule court for Boccia and Petanque?

This environmental leaning – and love for Costa Rica’s landscapes and biodiversity – is evident throughout the home: Its owners and builders have spent more than 25 years protecting and reforesting the country’s rainforests. It’s only natural, then, that they’d build a luxury home-away-from-home with a low-carbon footprint, thanks to solar-heated hot water, solar power, water recycling and, yes, incredibly biodiverse gardens that feed and shelter the wildlife you’ve come to see.

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Perk #2: It’s Thrilling

It may not be a quantifiable perk, but it’s a perk nonetheless: Last-minute travel feels thrilling. It ups the adventure quotient. Just the thought of it is probably enough to make your heart accelerate.

So go ahead, indulge in your next hit of adrenaline. Give in to exhilaration. Let yourself dream – and then, turn that dream into tomorrow’s reality. Because when travel is last-minute, you really can be on the plane tomorrow.

Perk #3: Concierge Coordination

If you’re concerned that last-minute travel can’t be well-planned travel, then we’re happy to tell you that last-minute travel to Costa Rica could be your best-planned vacation ever.

It sounds like a line but it’s also true: At Vacation Rentals of Tamarindo, your reservation includes free concierge services: Knowledge, expertise, and planning from our in-house expert, Cristina, who knows Tamarindo better than the back of her hand. Her secret skill: Turning “I want to this, this, and this tomorrow” into “you’re doing this, this, and this tomorrow.” Go ahead – try her.

Spotlight: Las Mareas Villa 1

4 Beds | 4.5 Baths | Sleeps 12

Las Mareas Villa 1 oceanview vacation rental in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the looping curve of Las Baulas Estuary – the gateway between Tamarindo and Playa Grande – Las Mareas Villa 1 promises some of Tamarindo’s best views and spectacular scenes.

While we love this home every month of the year, its setting and architecture are particularly well suited to the Costa Rica wet season: Perched on the hill – a perfect vantage point to watch the storms roll in – Villa 1 features many covered terraces and private balconies where you can sip a mug of Costa Rican coffee, read a book, and watch the rain patter down. Let the season wash over you (literally!).

When the weather is fine – and it should be fine, during much of your stay – pour yourself a cool drink, take a dip in your infinity-edge pool, whip up a feast on the ocean-view barbecue, and track the sun’s passage across the sky. And, come evening, watch as the sun sinks into the sea: You have a front-row seat to one of Costa Rica’s most stunning sunsets!

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Perk #4: Firm Footing

The last ~18 months have taught us to be cautious, both in everyday life and travel. Changing requirements, updated protocols, even the news cycle – the world travel panorama hasn’t felt stable in many months.

Enter last-minute travel: You know exactly what’s going on in the world, right now. You know what your home country’s travel requirements and recommendations are, right now. You know what Costa Rica’s travel requirements are, right now. (Officially: No test required for entry. No insurance necessary, if you’re vaccinated. You need only fill out the Health Pass.)

Plan Your Visit during the Costa Rica Wet Season

Have questions? Prefer to speak to someone in person? Want to pick our brains about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the rainy season? We’re game!

Whether you’re seeking a little planning know-how, looking for a great deal, or just can’t decide on which of our Tamarindo rentals is right for you, we’re happy to help. So please, get in touch! We love to chat Tamarindo, getaways, and vacation rentals. We readily share our experiences and advice. And we promise, we’re friendly, to boot. We look forward to hearing from you!