Costa Rica Wet Season & Tamarindo Beach 2021 Update

Ibis Condos at Langosta Beach Club rentals in Tamarindo Costa Rica
The Costa Rica wet season is synonymous with lush landscapes and bright, tropical blooms. Enjoy!

Sometimes, it feels like we hardly have our feet planted before the rug gets pulled out from under us again. (For the n-th time, it seems.) Over the last 18 months, everything has been so in flux that it’s been hard to keep our current events straight. (Did you even know that it’s the Costa Rica wet season? And that the deals are great?!)

So, we thought we’d give you a boots-on-the-ground kind of update: a quick overview of what’s happening in Tamarindo. Because there’s nothing like being here – like knowing what happened yesterday, what’s happening today, and what’s scheduled for tomorrow – to help you feel a little more secure in your travel decisions (for today or tomorrow).

Update #1: Yes, the Costa Rica Wet Season is Here!

It’s September, and that means that the Costa Rica wet season is in full swing! Here in Costa Rica’s driest region, that’s a great thing, because it means that our landscapes have greened up, our flowers are in full bloom, and everything looks just beautiful.

It also means that Costa Rica wet season deals and perks have been officially activated. We’re talking discounts on vacation rentals and fewer crowds for activities, better deals on airfare and cooler afternoon temperatures. Because, if you ask any local, you’ll probably hear that the green season is the best season, for all these many reasons (and more… go ahead, ask us!).

So, if you’re in a traveling state of mind, we urge you to consider last-minute travel during the Costa Rica wet season. If you’re tempted, here are a few Tamarindo vacation rentals that still have some availability over the next couple of months:

Villa Motmot

6 Beds | 4 Baths | Sleeps 14

Villa Motmot Tamarindo vacation rental

This brand new, luxurious home is an ideal choice for Costa Rica wet season travel. Its location – concealed within the hills of Tamarindo, overlooking ocean views and magnificent sunsets – affords some of the region’s best views. Especially now, when the entire coast has erupted with every shade of green, sprinkled in a rainbow of tropical flowers.

Just a 10-minute walk to Tamarindo beaches, surf spots, and everything downtown the villa offers a luxury vacation experience, starting with your very own private pool. We think you’ll also love the lush gardens, which are ablaze this time of year, and which give the villa its name: the motmot, one of Guanacaste’s most beautiful birds, is a frequent visitor here.

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Casa Calico

4 Beds | 3 Baths | Sleeps 12

Casa Calico downtown Tamarindo vacation rental

Hidden in the heart of downtown Tamarindo, this gorgeous and wild (at least, wild-adjacent!) property promises a sparkling pool, tropical gardens, and a convenient location within walking distance to sandy beaches and some of Costa Rica’s best surf breaks (thrilling, especially during the Costa Rica wet season!).

There is something truly special about a home this central and this convenient, while also this private and this secluded. You’ll feel like you’re vacationing within your own private garden, especially now, when everything is in bloom! And, if you are traveling with friends or family, you’ll appreciate the main home’s three bedrooms, paired with an independent casita’s additional bedroom suite.

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Ibis Condo 10

3 Beds | 3 Baths | Sleeps 8

Ibis Condo for Costa Rica in September October

When you want to stay right across from the beach, when you crave the amenities of a larger resort, when you seek a great deal (especially during the Costa Rica wet season), then you should look no further than Ibis Condo #10.

This luxurious condo promises seasonal ocean views from the great room and grand deck. But, what you can’t always see, you will hear: crashing surf and the sound of happy beach-goers. Feel free to join them, because world-famous Langosta Beach and Tamarindo Beach are just steps away!

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Update #2: Tourism is Back (and in full swing!)

Working hand in hand with our first update, we thought we’d share that tourism is back! Here in Tamarindo, people are visiting. Restaurants and attractions and national parks and everything… well, it’s all open. The sun is shining and the sea breeze is blowing. Our toes are in the sand and we are reveling in this return to everyday life! Because life the beach? Well, it’s glorious. (Even when it’s just for a week.)

It helps that Costa Rica is open to international travelers. And by open, we mean OPEN: there are no restrictions on who can visit. And there are very few requirements; the only real condition is that you must be either fully vaccinated or you must carry a travel insurance policy. Beyond that, you need only your passport and the easy government Health Pass, and you are into the country and enjoying your vacation.

Bottom line: Costa Rica is one of the easiest countries to travel to, as of September 2021.

Update #3: Real Estate is Booming

Perhaps not surprisingly, given all the pent-up energy and anticipation, after putting our lives on hold for a year-and-a-half, Tamarindo real estate is now booming. Buyers are buying and sellers are happy. Time on market is short and our inventory – well, it’s in flux, in the best way possible.

If you’ve ever considered purchasing a home in Tamarindo, this is a good time to keep your eyes open. You’ll see many new listings pop up and maybe one will be your next home in Costa Rica.

Update #3.1: New Housing Developments Have Arrived

Speaking of real estate, we are also seeing the emergence of new developments and communities. Some that were on pause from 2019 and 2020, while others have announced brand new development. Again, in a word, real estate here is booming.

Update #4: Markets are Open Again

One of the greatest signs of return to everyday life – and one of the things we missed most, when we weren’t living that so-called everyday life – is the return of Tamarindo’s markets.

That’s right, our Thursday night farmers market and Saturday morning farmers market have both reopened, so, whether you’re here to vacation or to live, you can now, once again (!), buy all your favorite fruits and vegetables, fresh from the farm stand.

Update #5: The Police Station is Open

Another sign that we have returned to everyday life? Our brand-spanking-new Tourist Police delegation – a joint effort between the institute of tourism and the ministry of public security – has finally opened in downtown Tamarindo.

The Tourist Police are a special branch of the Costa Rican police, designed specifically to attend to tourist needs. The benefit is that most officers speak excellent English and they are well versed in all types of tourist concerns and challenges. We hope they will be a great asset to our community.

Update #6: There Are New Stores in Town

It has been incredibly fulfilling (and quite exciting) to see new stores, shops, and stands opening all over Tamarindo. We hope you’ll stop by and see what sparks your interest!

Update #7: Covid Protocols are Being Followed

Many of these updates would not be possible, were it not for Costa Rica’s strong pandemic response – and Tamarindo’s adherence to COVID protocols. If you are considering a visit, but you were concerned about your safety, then know that here, in Tamarindo, health and safety protocols are being followed.

We wear masks in public spaces, and especially indoors. we keep our distance. Plastic barriers separate customers from store employees. And Costa Rica’s vaccine rollout has been strong. Beyond that, Costa Rica is a naturally “COVID-safe” destination, in the sense that most of our time is spent outdoors, walking the beach and enjoying the sunshine – some of the safest current health conditions, according to science.

Update #8: Live Music at Our Restaurants

restaurant service in Tamarindo

For those of us who like to spend the evening out, great news! Due to COVID curfews, many of our local bars have adapted and become restaurants, often accompanied by live music. So now, you can order some of your favorite foods, request your favorite drink, and enjoy outdoor dining, all while taking some live music. It’s an innovative and welcome solution!

Update #8.1: And New Restaurants are Opening!

What’s more, we’ve noticed new restaurants opening up and down the beach! Stay tuned, as we’ll be sure to update you with some of our new favorites. (Or, take the taste-testing into your own hands and let us know what your favorites are.)

Update #9: The Roads to Langosta and Under Repair

We’re happy to report that the road between Tamarindo and Playa Langosta are under repair. Will update you when there’s more to tell.

Update #10: Health Retreats are a Growing Trend 

And, finally but not surprisingly, we’ve noticed that health retreats have seen a serious uptick in interest. This is likely a response to the past 18 months – to a world more focused on health, but still eager to travel and dash and we are so glad that Tamarindo is one of the chosen destinations for this new (or, perhaps, renewed) travel trend.

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