Costa Rica in September & October: Save Some Green on Green Season Travel

Tamarindo sunsets during Costa Rica in September
Costa Rica in September and October can get a little (or a lot) wet. It can also be a great deal. Just choose your destination wisely!

So, you’re thinking about visiting Costa Rica in September or October (also known as the green season)? And you’re also wondering just how much of a euphemism is “green season,” really? Are we talking sun-showers-and-rainbows season or daily-deluge season?

Costa Rica in September and October: How Rainy Are the “Rainiest Months”?

The answer is, it depends.

The very shortest answer we can give you is that Costa Rica’s green season (aka rainy season) runs from about mid-May through mid-November, and September and October are the rainiest months. (Don’t click away yet! There’s a but.)

BUT, “rainiest” depends on where you’re visiting – for example, Guanacaste province, home to Tamarindo and beyond, is the driest province in Costa Rica – and your rain tolerance. (More on that, in a moment.)

Before we can get into that, though, let’s talk about Costa Rican weather. When it comes to generalizing the country, we divide our weather into two basic seasons: the dry season (December-May) and the rainy/green season (June-November). Here’s how the 12 months break down, both weather and tourism-wise:

  • Dry Season (Dec through Easter): Sun, sun, sun! And, the highest prices of the year.
  • Shoulder or Mid-Season (Easter to mid-June): A great bang for your buck, with lower prices and a great chance of sun.
  • Summer Season (mid-June through mid-August): A mid-year peak, with prices just under the true high season.
  • Green Season (mid-August through mid-Dec): A daily chance of rain sends prices to their lowest points of the year.

So, Why Visit Costa Rica in September or October?

Broadly speaking, there are four main reasons you might be considering traveling to Costa Rica in September or October:

  • You love a great deal;
  • You don’t want to fight off crowds;
  • You crave lush landscapes; and
  • Your vacation time demands it.

They’re all good reasons. Great enough, even, that you shouldn’t feel like you’re settling.

The secret is (seriously, ask any local), green season can be the very best season. For many reasons. Especially so in our province Guanacaste – again, home to Tamarindo – which breaks the mold, at least a bit: We’re drier than the rest of the country so, while we do experience a marked dry season and a wetter season, our green months are less wet (and, therefore, a little more enjoyable) than, say, in wetter regions south, like Manuel Antonio or the Osa Peninsula.

What to Expect: What’s It Really Like in September and October?

Tamarindo vacation outdoor activities sunset sailing
Love a great sunset? Then you’ll be happy to know that the green season’s rains deliver the best sunsets of the year.

So, now you know that it’s not quite as simple as “green.” So, what can you expect in September and October?

That varies, as we said. But in Tamarindo, you’ll have a good chance of afternoon showers and the occasional thunderstorm. Most days, the rain will last anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours. Evenings usually clear up and usher in the best sunsets of the year. They are truly spectacular.

Our best advice is to plan your September/October travel days: Book activities for the morning and reserve your early to mid-afternoons for time in your villa. Watch the storm roll in (it can be very impressive!) Read a book. Spent time together. Take a siesta. And if it doesn’t rain, take a dip in your private pool. Get bubbly in the hot tub. Drink in a little extra sun on your terrace.

And then, enjoy your evening. Revel in the sunset. Walk along the beach. Pick a new restaurant to try. Because, more often than not, September and October mornings and evenings, in Tamarindo, are very similar to mornings and evenings the other 10 months of the year. Only less expensive.

How to Get the Best Prices in Costa Rica: Green Season Travel

While we’re on the topic of less expensive: You can google and price compare for weeks and even months, and you’re not likely to ever find a price that compares to green season travel.

That’s the simple truth: Costa Rica’s best prices are offered during the green season. From flights to accommodations to some tours and activities, you’ll find lower prices, better perks, and fewer crowds, especially in the August-October window. (More on green season benefits, below.)

As an example, we’re happy to offer the following discounts for travel to Costa Rica in September and October 2021. Note, please reserve through our sister site, Stay in Tamarindo, or by getting in touch.

Reserve 7 Nights, Get 1 Free

Book your September/October 2021 stay before June 30, 2021, and get one night free for every seven you book. Discount applies to all homes and condos, except El Chante, Casa Serena, Flamingo Blu, Compass House, and Casa Leo Loco. Coupon code FreeOne.

Thanksgiving 2021

Book 7 nights (November 21-28, 2021) and get a 10% discount on the following homes with Promo Code THANKS2021:

Other Specials

We’re also offering a range of rental-specific specials, including:

  • Casa de Los Monos (August 22-26, 2021): Base rate before: $1511, Base rate now: $1208
  • Casa Lomas del Mar August 15- 21, 2021 Base rate before: $4049, Base Rate now: $3642*
  • Casa Tranquila (September 11-18, 2021): Base Rate before: $5,562.00, Base Rate now: $4452
  • Casa Costa Blanca (October 17-23, 2021): Base Rate before: $6,831.00, Base Rate now: $5460.00
  • Casa de Luz (July 29-August 1, 2021): Base Rate before: $4,477.00, Base Rate now: $3,580.00
  • Casa de Luz (October 24-27, 2021): Base Rate before: $3,300.00, Base Rate now: $2640

Only valid for these specific dates, bookings via Stay in Tamarindo. Prices are subject to taxes and fees. For more information about our latest specials, please view our specials or send us an email.

6 Benefits to Costa Rica in September and October

So, now that you know what to expect, what are the benefits of travel during the green season – and, specifically, during the months of September and October?

Here are the top six (in no particular order):

  • Lower Prices: We’ve covered it already but, in a nutshell, you’ll usually see a 5-20% drop in everything from your airfare to your vacation rental.
  • Lush Green, Everywhere: Photos of Costa Rica are often a study in how many hues of green Mother Nature can dream up. But here’s a secret: If you want to see those photos in real life, then you’ll have to visit during green season.
  • Bye, Bye, Crowds: There’s nothing like tourist throngs and overcrowded beaches to throw a damper on your vacation. Welcome to the absolute fewest crowds of the year. In other words, paradise!
  • Nature, in Perfect Harmony: It’s not just the landscapes that are happy in September and October; the birds, the monkeys, the lizards, the everyone is simply delighted by the rain and its accompanying abundance. Welcome to the theater of the tropics.
  • Whales, Ahoy!: Did you know that Costa Rica has one of the longest whale-watching seasons in the world? That’s because whales migrate from the north and south, during different times of the year. But the best time of all is mid-July to mid-November, when you can even spot breeching humpbacks from your lounge seat on the terrace of your ocean-view villa. Oh YES.
  • The Weather: Wait, what? That’s right, we said the weather. If you’re the type who loves the rain – or who can love the rain, when you have nowhere to be and plenty of time to lounge – then you’re going to love the slightly cooler weather, melodic rainfall, and all the many benefits of Costa Rica when it’s well watered.

Of course, there are other benefits. For example, if you want to book white-water rafting, rainy season is the time to do it. Scuba diving? Great in the rainy season. Etc. etc. There’s

Where to Stay: Three Vacation Villas for Your September/October 2021 Stay

Wondering where to stay? We have dozens. Here are three you’ll love – and that still have availability for September and October 2021.

Casa Calico

Tamarindo | 4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | Sleeps 12

Casa Calico downtown Tamarindo vacation rental

Within the heart of Tamarindo but absconded to a world of whispering pines, cool waters, and twinkling lights, Casa Calico is a vacation paradise. This beautiful walled property features private gardens and a refreshing pool, shaded patio and chef’s kitchen, generous outdoor living and graceful interiors – everything you seek (and probably more).

The property is separated into the main home, with three bedrooms, and an independent poolside casita, perfect for multigenerational travelers and small groups. You will all love Casa Calico’s proximity to the beach – a few minutes, and you’re there! – but what we think you’ll love most is the sheer ambiance.

A true secret garden, Casa Calico makes Costa Rica feel like your own personal wonderland. Have breakfast surrounded by tropical gardens. Spend hours (and entire days) lounging poolside. And be sure to earmark an afternoon for the deeply shaded, covered patio – the perfect spot to watch the storm roll in and to delight in tropical rainfall – to not just a pitter-patter, but a full drumbeat on the roof over your head.

Casa Calico also offers 100 Mbps high-speed WiFi internet, battery backout (modem and router), and access to a portable wireless router, upon request.


Casa Xanadu

Tamarindo | 4 Bedrooms | 3.5 Bedrooms | Sleeps 10

Casa Xanadu Tamarindo vacation rental

Paradise is real, friends. And you’ve found it. Right here, at the nexus of national park and rolling mountain range, spectacular beaches and wildlife estuary. Right here, at Casa Xanadu, a tropical paradise within a tropical paradise, overlooking Las Baulas National Marine Park, Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge, the Tamarindo Wildlife Estuary, and both Tamarindo Beach and Playa Grande.

A convergence of all things wonderful. And speaking of wonderful things, it’s right here, surrounded by rare tropical dry forest – one of the world’s last remaining swaths – that Casa Xanadu rises from the hillside and promises the perfect home base for all your September and October adventures. Yes, even storm-watching. There’s no better perch than this terrace!

So, lounge in the infinity pool, set your watch for epic sunsets, and never grow tired of the spectacular Pacific vistas. Walk softly, listen and look closely, and the howler monkeys, parrots, and butterflies will join you!


Ibis Condo #2

Tamarindo | 2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | Sleeps 6

Ibis Condo for Costa Rica in September October

Where would you be, if you could somehow drop a secret garden by the sea – a private paradise, steps from crashing waves and soft sands, yet secreted into a lush hidey-hole that feels like it’s just for you?

We think you’d be right here, at Ibis Condo #2, a quiet two-bedroom condo both cozy and expansive. Artisanal wood ceilings and granite countertops, plush beds and a beachy color palette, a private outdoor patio and lush landscaping welcome you to this lovely rental. We promise, the patio and gardens are a lovely place to watch the raindrops fall!

Of course, when you rent Ibis #2, you’re reserving more than a home-away-from-home. Because here, you also have access to community: executive access to the Langosta Beach Club, where you’ll enjoy the use of a luxurious and oceanfront infinity pool, with its languid pool loungers, full-service poolside bar, private cabanas, fitness center, and beachfront restaurant.

And you’re also a short walk to Tamarindo’s vibrant restaurant offerings and nightlife, as well as a full menu of adventure activities, shopping, surfing beaches, and more. Welcome to exactly where you want to be.


Plan Your Visit to Costa Rica in September / October 2021

Have questions? Prefer to speak to someone in person? Want to pick our brains about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the rainy season? We’re game!

Whether you’re seeking a little planning know-how, looking for a great deal, or just can’t decide on which of our Tamarindo rentals is right for you, we’re happy to help. So please, get in touch! We love to chat Tamarindo, getaways, and vacation rentals. We readily share our experiences and advice. And we promise, we’re friendly, to boot. We look forward to hearing from you!