Costa Rica Vacation on a Budget – 7 Tips for Saving Money

You work hard to save money for your Costa Rica vacation—how to make it stretch after you arrive?  Once upon a time, Costa Rica was a popular shoestring budget destination, but not anymore!  Depending on how you roll, a Costa Rica vacation can cost you as much as a vacation anywhere else in the world. 

So let’s say you want to come to Costa Rica but you don’t want to break the bank.  Can you do it?  Of course!  Here are some tips to help you stretch your vacation dollars further than you thought possible. 

Photo by Camilo Ayala


The single most important choice you can make if you want to experience Costa Rica on a budget is to visit in the green season.  When is the green season?  Now!  May through early December is Costa Rica’s green season, and prices for plane tickets, lodging, car rentals, and some tours are lower.  You’ll find the lowest prices in September and October when there is the highest chance of rainy days, but don’t let that dissuade you!  The chances of you having an entirely rainy vacation are so slim that you’d be silly to let that cause you to miss the discounts!

Another clue: avoid holidays.  Although American Thanksgiving, for example, is in the green season, it sees a notable price spike.   If you want to pinch pennies, immediately cross off Christmas, Easter, New Year’s, etc. Watching airline prices will probably give you an idea of what to expect as far as vacation prices in general.


tamarindo vacation rental
Sunrise #14 is a 3 bedroom 2 baths located in the center of town for $140 a night ($23 a person per night).

Of course!  One way to save lots of money is to book a Tamarindo vacation rental instead of a hotel.  Economy vacation rentals are high quality, more comfortable than hotel rooms, and they have the thing that is going to be your biggest money-saver: a kitchen.

Vacation rentals come in all shapes and sizes.  If you’re traveling alone or with a friend or partner, look for a one-bedroom or a studio rental.  Groups of up to 20 and 30 can book entire villas and mini-resorts.  Obviously, the larger properties cost more, but you’re also splitting them between more wallets, so don’t forget to take that into consideration.  If you’re a family traveling with children of any age, a vacation rental, as opposed to multiple hotel rooms or all being crammed into what is essentially a bedroom while you’re supposed to be relaxing, is the obvious choice.


You’ve got that kitchen—use it!  Get to the grocery store and stock up.  You don’t have to spend your whole vacation in the kitchen in order to avoid spending a mint in restaurants.  Staples like coffee, milk, fruit, eggs, bread, pasta, vegetables, and even Costa Rica’s national beers are not expensive.

You’ll still choose to eat some of your meals in restaurants, of course, but if you make that the exception instead of the rule, you’ll find that you spend a lot less money than you would have otherwise. 

Photo by Evan Wise

Many vacation rentals have a patio with a grill.  There’s an option for getting out of the kitchen without having to pay restaurant prices.


If you’ve been to Costa Rica in the past, you remember the days of “pay in cash and get a discount.”  That’s still the case, but it’s certainly not as common as before.  With Costa Rica’s new electronic tax reporting system, it’s not as lucrative for businesses to choose to overlook cash income in their reporting, so cash discounts are fewer. 

We’re bringing this up because now you can pay with credit cards almost everywhere in Costa Rica.  MasterCard and Visa are the favorites, and many businesses accept many others.  Your credit card won’t charge you a fee for international use, but your debit card probably will so keep that in mind when you pull out the plastic.

Tamarindo and all other popular tourist destinations have ATMs that will give up to $400 per day (in the 20s) but you will pay per withdrawal.  Save a few dollars on your vacation by bringing cash from home, and using your credit cards whenever you can.

A word to the wise regarding cash:  Your hotel room or Tamarindo vacation rental has a safe.  USE IT.


Take public buses or share rides.  We know—the problem with public buses is that they take forever to get anywhere and they can be very hot.  Also, they’re not great for traveling with a lot of luggage.  But If you’re traveling light and you have the time to indulge your curiosity, take the bus.  You’ll get where you want to go with money left to spare, and you’ll have had an off-the-tourist-grid cultural experience that will make you way cooler than anyone else you know who has been to Costa Rica. 

Ridesharing can be a great idea, also.  Taxis in Costa Rica are priced to serve tourists who have no other method to get places, so they are not a great way to keep costs down.  Chat with other budget travelers that you meet along the way, and see if anyone else has the same Costa Rica bucket list as you do.  You’ll definitely need cash for taxis and buses, so be prepared.


This might seem like an odd addition to a list of how to save money but think about it.  Be smart.  If you get your wallet or your passport stolen—or your computer or your favorite pair of shoes—your vacation is going to take a sharp downward turn and you are going to spend money sorting it out. 

Use the safe.  Keep bags, backpacks, and purses on your person at all times.  Do not hang anything on the back of your chair (seriously). Do not put your backpack on the floor beside you without the strap wrapped around your foot.  Do not leave ever anything in a rental car that is going to be out of your sight.  Do not fall asleep on the bus.  Do not walk away from your stuff on the beach. Do not leave your bag at the table when you go to pay the tab or use the restroom.

Are we trying to scare you?  Sort of.  Costa Ricans are honest, friendly, and helpful people. No one is going to run up to you and snatch your stuff out of your hands.  But petty theft is common here, and leaving your belongings unattended is a clear sign to devious minds that you don’t really need or want what is in that bag very much.  Dead serious.  Save money by not having to replace stuff.


When you decide it’s time to grab a meal out, or if you decide that cooking on vacation is an oxymoron, there’s still hope for saving money in Costa Rica.  Look for any establishment called a “Soda” and you’ll be on the right track. 

A “soda” has not actually got anything to do with soda!  Back in the days before tourism took Costa Rica by storm, any small restaurant or diner that did not serve alcohol was called a “soda.”  Sodas serve Costa Rican dishes and Costa Rican versions of international dishes (note: if you are Italian, please do not order spaghetti at a soda!), fruit drinks, and of course soda!  Nowadays you may also find beer at some sodas, although you should not expect a full bar.  For a full bar, you’ll need to find, obviously, something called a “bar” or something called a “restaurant.”  In Costa Rica’s traditional past, a “bar” served alcohol and little snacked called “bocas.”  A “restaurant” offered a full menu and also served alcoholic beverages.  A “soda” served food and drinks without alcohol.  And so.  There’s your history lesson as well. 

At sodas, you’ll avoid spending a lot of money on things that, for as normal as they may seem to you, are considered delicacies or specialty foods, here. Cheese, for example, is not cheap in Costa Rica, which makes pizza, not the most economical choice—especially artesian pizza with real mozzarella and prosciutto crudo.   Sushi is expensive.  Paella.  Corona beer.  Heineken.  Wine is imported from North America, South America, or Europe, so you won’t be saving money on that.  At sodas, you can get all kinds of “casados”—traditional Costa Rican plates that are balanced meals based on rice and beans with a protein of your choice and plenty of vegetables.  You can get salads, simple sandwiches, chicken soup and often fried chicken.  Try a whole fried fish with a side of salad and fries at a soda.  It’s the Costa Rican specialty that you’ll want to take a selfie with before you dig in!

With these 7 things in mind, you’re ready to visit Costa Rica as a financially savvy explorer.  Contact us now and let’s get started making your vacation plans!

The Perfect 7 Day Costa Rica Vacation Itinerary from LIR

So many amazing experiences await you in Costa Rica that deciding what to see and do during your 7 day vacation can be overwhelming.  Luckily you have us, the local Costa Rica experts, to make practical suggestions and give you an idea what to expect. 

The first thing to decide, in planning your 7 day vacation, is which airport you’ll be flying into and out of. Costa Rica, although it is a small country, isn’t known for its speedy road travel.  Roads are generally small and congested in urban areas, and often unpaved in rural areas.  If you want to experience all that Costa Rica has to offer, you’ll either have to stay longer than 7 days or come back! 

We’re die-hard fans of Guanacaste, so the perfect 7 day Costa Rica vacation itinerary, in our opinion, begins at the LIR airport in Liberia.

Day 1

Arrival Day

The big excitement today is landing in Costa Rica and getting that beautiful stamp in your passport, so we don’t recommend trying to add more travel to what you’ve already done.  You’ll be landing in Liberia in the afternoon or evening, so on a perfect vacation, you wouldn’t spend any more time on the road than you have to. 

We recommend taking a taxi, a shuttle or a rental car from LIR to Playa del Coco for your first night.  Playa del Coco is a beautiful beach with a lively town that is located about 30 minutes from the airport.  Before you know it, you’ll be strolling barefoot on the warm sand, watching the sunset, and exploring the restaurants in search of your first Costa Rican dinner.  Enjoy a little Costa Rican nightlife before you turn in, but make sure to get plenty of rest because tomorrow is a busy day of fun in the sun!

A typical Costa Rican plate.  Photo property of

Day 2

A Day in Playa del Coco and surrounding areas

You have lots of options of how to spend the day in Playa del Coco.  One choice is to do nothing but enjoy the beach: walk, swim, bask, and enjoy some meals in complete relaxation with no schedule and no obligations.  Not a bad way to start a vacation! 

Another choice is to book a sportfishing excursion or take a surf trip to Witch’s Rock and Ollies Point on Day 2.  Both of these things begin in the early morning, so you‘ll want to contact our concierge ahead of time to make sure your boat is booked for you before arrival. 

If none of these ideas move you, let’s get you booked in for an adventure day at the nearby Diamante Eco Adventure Park.  This amazing adventure center is about 30 minutes from Playa del Coco and has an enormous activity menu for you to choose from.  Take zip-line canopy tour, visit the animal sanctuary, go horseback riding, take an ATV trek, try out a stand-up paddleboard or a sea kayak…  You’ll have so much fun you won’t want to leave.

At the end of your second day, no matter how you’ve spent it, get out and see the town of Playa del Coco because tomorrow you’re going to hit the road again.

Day 3

Travel to Second Destination:  Arenal Volcano

You can’t come to Costa Rica and not visit the Arenal Volcano.  Arenal, located near the town of La Fortuna, is Costa Rica’s most active volcano and one of our most-visited spots. It will take you a few hours to get there, so you should plan to leave Playa del Coco either in the morning or in the early afternoon.  Take your time, enjoy the scenery, stop for snacks and to take pictures.  You’re on vacation, so please don’t stress out about getting there as fast as you can.  The journey is part of adventure.

There are lots of hotels and vacation rentals in the Arenal area, and we recommend you choose one that has a view of the volcano.  You might pay more, but there is a very good reason for this, and it’s worth it.  The volcano’s cone, being as it spouts steam into the cool air xxx feet above sea level, is often surrounded by clouds.  Your best chance of seeing Arenal’s stunning cone is in the wee hours of the morning before dawn (hint: set your alarm.  seriously.) or soon after sunrise.  Get a room with a view and prepare to be amazed.

Because of the neighboring active volcano, natural thermal mineral pools and baths are everywhere in Arenal.  Your hotel may have hot springs on the premises, our you may pay an entrance fee at one of the dozens of thermal spas you’ll find.  The one thing you don’t want to do is miss them!  When you get to Arenal, check into your hotel, explore the area a bit, find some dinner, and slip into a natural thermal pool in the cool mountain air of the tropical night.  It rains a lot in Arenal, and the hot springs are even more spectacular in the rain!

Day 4

A Day in Arenal

Costa Rica, although it’s known for its beautiful beaches, is a very mountainous country with diverse microclimates and a strong cattle farming culture.  This is your day in the mountains, so take advantage of it in every possible way.  The area is packed with Arenal tour and adventure options.  You can hike the volcano, take a guided jungle horseback ride through the foothills, visit animal sanctuaries and butterfly gardens, visit orchid farms, hike to waterfalls for a chilly swim (sorry, no thermal waterfalls), take zipline canopy tours…

The day will go by faster than you can imagine and before you know it, the night will be falling over the volcano again. 

Try a new spot for dinner and try a different thermal spa, because no two are the same, and after one night in the deliciously warm waters, the only thing you’re going to want to do is to go back.

Day 5

Travel to the Third Destination:  Tamarindo

Time flies when you’re having fun.  It’s already Day 5 of your 7 day vacation, and today the best part starts: you’re coming to Tamarindo!  Get up, have some coffee, and get on the road early because the beach is calling and your Tamarindo vacation rental is waiting. 

You’ll be in Tamarindo by lunchtime, so you have the whole afternoon to check out the town, walk the beach, go for a swim, catch some afternoon waves if you’re a surfer, maybe grab a Tamarindo surf lesson if you aren’t, and be ready to chill by the time you see the sun sinking close to the horizon.  Sunset in Tamarindo is a daily event that no one misses.  Join the locals on the beach or enjoy it from the privacy of your vacation rental if you’ve got a view like the one at our home Villa Atardecer. 

Every night is Saturday night in Tamarindo, so whether you like late nights or early nights, walk around town after dark and check out the fire dancers, catch some live music, and listen to the mix of languages in one of Costa Rica’s most vibrant melting pots.

Day 6

A day in Tamarindo

Hope you didn’t stay up too late last night because Day 6 is your day in Tamarindo!  What do you want to do?  Surf?  Ride a zip line?  Take an ATV tour of the beautiful backcountry?  Go sportfishing?  Be lazy all morning and then take an afternoon sailing cruise with snorkeling, food and drinks included?  Try stand up paddleboarding?  Kayak to the Captain Island in Tamarindo Bay and explore its desolate marine beauty? 

We know, we know–it’s hard to decide!  Our concierge is the expert at vacation planning and can help you determine the best picks for your group, family, or personal interests.

The important thing is, as always, not to miss the sunset.  Because Costa Rica is so close to the equator, the sunset happens quickly.  When you see the sun near the horizon, this is not the time to grab a quick shower or make a cocktail if you don’t want to miss the moment the orb sinks below the horizon.  The most beautiful sunsets happen during the rainy season when the sky is full of clouds that act as screens, prisms, and reflectors, creating a kaleidoscope show that can go on for almost an hour after the sun itself is gone.

Day 7

Hasta Luego, Costa Rica!

Day 7 is departure day.  Depending on what time your flight leaves Liberia and what time the tide is high, you might be able to squeeze in an early surf or an early boat tour of the Las Baulas Estuary National Marine Park that creates Tamarindo’s north border.  You could also go for a morning swim in the ocean, a beach walk, or a hike up one of Tamarindo’s hills to a lookout point. 

tamarindo surf lesson
Photo by Leonardo Pinero

As you’ve done some traveling this week, you now understand why you want to make sure to leave for the airport in plenty of time.  Make sure you’ve gotten everything out of the safe in your Tamarindo hotel or vacation rental before you hit the road, and remember not to pack that bottle of Guaro in your carry-on. 

We hate to see you go, but now that you know where we are and how much of Costa Rica you still would like to see and experience, we’re pretty sure we’ll see you again. 

Won’t we?

Featured Property of the Month: Puesta del Sol

Our featured property this month at Vacation Rentals of Tamarindo is Puesta del Sol.  This brand new Tamarindo vacation rental property combines elements of a home and a hotel into a unique hybrid of common and private spaces. Six private cabins sleep up to 16 guests at Puesta del Sol, making this property a favorite for special event occasions like weddings, retreats, and reunions. 

tamarindo vacation rental

Puesta del Sol sets on the top of a Tamarindo Bay hillside overlooking the town, the bay, and the magnificent Pacific sunsets from which the property derives its name.  The property affords a breathtaking 300-degree view of Playa Grande to the north, Tamarindo to the west, Langosta to the south, and the endless rolling green hills of Guanacaste disappearing into the east.  As the day progresses at Puesta del Sol, the panorama changes according to the angle of the light, ending with a sunset show you will never forget as you watch it from the infinity pool, the breezy patio, or your room’s private terrace.

The common areas at Puesta del Sol

The heart of Puesta del Sol is its common area, with six private sleeping cabins set in a semicircle around it.  A spacious living/dining room with sliding glass doors on three sides and a full bar and kitchen at the other end is far above and beyond what you’ll find in most rental homes.  

tamarindo vacation rental

What you really have at Puesta del Sol is your own mini retreat center.  The infinity pool that lies along the beach-view side of the common space is surrounded by a sun terrace and comfy cushioned loungers that you can place in the sun or shade according to your preference. 

Whether you’re a family group, a corporate retreat group, a wedding party, or a bunch of friends on vacation together, you’ll love the way at Puesta del Sol, you can cook and eat together, leave the sliding doors open so the kids can play in the pool while you mix cocktails at the bar, or stretch out on the couches and watch a movie together. 

The Bedrooms

Private cottages house the bedrooms at Puesta del Sol.  Four of the six bedrooms have one king-sized bed, and two of them have two queen sized beds.  These queen rooms are perfect for families or for roommates who prefer to have their own space. 

tamarindo vacation rental

Each bedroom has its own spacious en-suite bath, and a patio with quaint wooden rocking chairs.  You are going to love the time you spend sitting on the patio taking in the breathtaking view.  No matter which direction your room faces, the view is amazing.  Wake up in the morning, wander over to the kitchen, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and then tiptoe back to your patio to soak in the beauty of the beginning of the new day.

Why Puesta del Sol

Why choose Puesta del Sol for your Tamarindo vacation rental?  One great reason is privacy.  Puesta del Sol is literally at the top of the hill.  You won’t have to worry about traffic because no one but you is climbing up that far.  This means, of course, that you will absolutely need rental vehicles to get you back and forth from the town and the beach, but the rather adventurous bumpy ride takes only a few minutes.

Another reason to choose Puesta del Sol is that it’s one of our newest properties.  Everything works perfectly, and the property has the crisp modern feel that is hard to attain with older properties that were originally built as single-family homes. 

tamarindo vacation rental

We think, though, that even more than the privacy Puesta del Sol offers or the pristine condition of the property, you’re going to want to stay there because of the view.  Seriously.  “Breathtaking is a word that gets thrown around a lot and over-used, but wait until you stand on the pool terrace in front of Puesta del Sol where the hillside drops away from your feet and leaves you in the sky.  See if the feeling of space around and even under you doesn’t make you catch your breath and reach for something to hold onto.

Why Tamarindo

If you’re coming to Puesta del Sol, that means you’re coming to Tamarindo–so there are two things to be extremely happy about!  Tamarindo is Costa Rica’s premier Pacific coast beach vacation destination, and you’re going to love it.  The beach is great for swimming and surfing, and it’s a sandy beach with only a few rocky areas, so you can enjoy long low-tide beach walks. 

tamarindo surf lessons

The town of Tamarindo is only about 30 years old, which means that you’ll find an established community with lots of new and vibrant activity.  You’ll hear languages from every continent on the planet being spoken on the street and have the chance to choose between Tamarindo restaurants that offer Costa Rican traditional food, Italian restaurants, Indian, middle-eastern, North American, Argentinian, Venezuelan, French, and Asian cuisine.  The nightlife begins as the sun sets between 5 and 6 PM depending on the time of year, and continues until the wee hours of the morning.  Live music is everywhere at sunset and during dinner time.  Fire dancers entertain on the beach and in the streets, and as the hours pass, DJs keep the energy flowing. 

What to do during your visit

Tamarindo is Guanacaste’s Activity Central, so don’t forget to plan some down time into your days, or you’ll need a vacation from your vacation when you get home from Puesta del Sol.  Our Concierge is an expert in planning group packages, so give us a profile of who’s coming, and we’ll give you some suggestions to consider. 

tamarindo zip line

Go surfing, or take Tamarindo surf lessons if surfing isn’t already your thing.  Get out on a fishing boat, a catamaran, or a sailboat and experience the ocean.  You can go hiking, horseback or mountain bike riding, and visit one of our dozens of national parks.  Visit an active volcano, ride a Tamarindo zipline, go whitewater rafting or tubing, and watch sea turtles nesting in Las Baulas National Marine Park.  You’ll want to leave time to enjoy the beach, of course, and you’ll want to experience the sunset hour on this villa’s pool terrace watching the colors of the sky and sea change, blend, and fade into starlight.

Contact us to learn more about reservations.

How to Find the Perfect Vacation Rental in Tamarindo

The idea of booking a vacation rental property, sight unseen, in a foreign country can be intimidating, especially if it’s a country or a destination you’ve never been to.  Are you going to be able to find it?  How can you be sure the place is going to be what it looks like in the pictures?  How do you know which one to pick?  If you’re a seasoned traveler, you already know the drill, but there’s a first time for everything including your first vacation rental in Costa Rica. 

Here are some ways to break down the decision-making process and of course some practical suggestions of Tamarindo vacation rental property perfect fits.

Vacation rentals in Tamarindo come in all shapes and sizes, and so do travel groups.  How many people are you traveling with?  Is it you and your significant other?  You, your 5 best friends, their spouses, and their kids?  Are stairs ok?  Do you prefer to be near a golf course?  A surf break?  Do you like center-of-the-action vacations or restful away-from-it-all vacations?  Come up with some answers to these questions before you start shopping to help you narrow it down.

Then the next filter to get through it price.  How much do you want to spend?  Are you attracted by pocket-friendly options, or is this the trip for which you’re going to pull out all the stops and live like royalty?  Vacation rental prices range based on distance from the beach and lots of other factors like how new and chic the place is (or isn’t) and what kinds of amenities it includes.  All of the Vacation Rentals of Tamarindo properties have the standard package:  a/c, wi-fi, cable tv, linens, towels, equipped kitchens, a washer and dryer, a pool…so don’t think that by “pocket-friendly” we mean you have to bring your own pillows!  We’re the industry trendsetters in our area and all of our vacation rentals are top-shelf.

Following, we explore 6 types of luxury vacation rentals in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, and give some examples from our fantastic menu of homes:

1. Small, Simple, Conveniently-Located

These are the condos that are otherwise known as budget-friendly.  They’re great for couples, families with small children, travelers on a shoestring budget, or folks who want to spend their vacation dollars out exploring, not sitting around a fancy house. 

Sunrise Penthouse

Located literally across the street from the beach in the center of Tamarindo, you won’t find a better spot for a better price.  This 2-bedroom condo is located on the 4th floor of the Sunrise complex which includes the coolest pool in town, the easiest beach access anything within an affordable price range, secure gated parking and oh yeah—the view!

Villa Paloma

This affordable 2-bedroom condo in Langosta sleeps up to 6, is conveniently located, has secure parking, access to the resort pool, and offers a sundeck on the roof of the complex.

2. Small and Modern-chic

So let’s say you don’t want a big place, but you’d like it to be sleek and modern.  We have those vacation rentals too!  You can get some of the big-ticket modern design elements in a new or newly-redesigned vacation rental without having to spend big bucks.  These places are great to get into with your best friend or two or three.  Enjoy gourmet meals and cocktails on the patio or rent some boards and go on a surf trek to Avellanas or Playa Negra. 

La Perla

Our condo at La Perla offers 3 bedrooms and sleeps up to 8 people.  Each unit in this recently-completed elite complex occupies a corner, displaying fantastic ocean and hillside panoramas in every room.

Las Mareas Villas

These 3 and 4 bedroom villas in central Tamarindo sleep from 6 to 12 guests.  The ultimate in minimalist modern design, natural textures and materials, and European attention to detail make these villas a vacation rental choice that is a cut above the rest.

3.  A Sprawling Villa for Your Destination Wedding or Other Event

We’re suddenly at the other end of the vacation rental type spectrum:  huge mansions and villas for 20 or more guests—yes we have them!  Costa Rica is a favorite pick for couples planning destination weddings, for yoga and meditation retreats, corporate retreats, family reunions…all of the above.  These properties are the places dreams are made.  From beach front mansions to luxury hilltop mini-resorts, these are your dream homes and they make your special event unforgettable for everyone in attendance. 

Casa de Luz 

This property is truly beachfront!  Just steps behind the high tide line in Langosta, Casa de Luz is a stunning place for weddings, yoga retreats, surf trips, or whatever it is that brings your group together.  It’s one of our most eco-friendly properties, too, and sleeps over 20 people.

Casa Puros Dieces

How about an 8-bedroom Bali-style home for 20?  That’s Casa Puros Dieces!  This is one of Tamarindo’s top event venue choices because of its laid-back design, amazing ocean view and individual suite bedroom layout.

Casa Costa Blanca

Of course, you want your event destination to be Casa Costa Blanca.  This Hacienda Pinilla beachfront home has 7 bedrooms, sleeps up to 24, and includes all of the amenities of Guanacaste’s premier golf/surf resort.

4.  Classified by Activity: Golf Resort and Secret Surf Spots

Many people wisely consider the types of activities they most enjoy when they are shopping for vacation rentals.  If you’re the outdoorsy type who enjoys golf, surfing, mountain biking, or tennis, if you love peace and quiet but don’t want to be completely isolated from restaurants and night life, you might want to browse the vacation rental options in Hacienda Pinilla.  From giant event-venue type homes to condos for single families, Pinilla has got something for everyone.  Golfers and experienced surfers have a look at these amazing spots:


This where the fun begins!  Casa Rebecca, with 4 bedrooms for up to 12 people, is a sleek new vacation rental home located in Hacienda Pinilla.

Villa Bonita

Hacienda Pinilla offers not only mansions, but also luxury condos like Villa Bonita that are more affordable than larger properties but still include all of Hacienda Pinilla’s amenities.

5. The Beach House!

Or let’s say it’s got to be a beach house.  Of course.  Who wouldn’t want to base their Tamarindo vacation in a beach house?!  Some of our biggest and best beach houses are the ones you caught a glimpse of in the “event venues” category, but there are other properties on or very near the beach.  Your beachfront vacation rental is the perfect way to enjoy early morning walks, peaceful sunsets, easy access to surf spots and still have all the comforts of home.  Families with children love beach houses because being right on or very near the beach simplifies everything!  You don’t have to pack everybody and all the trappings into a car every time you want to go out, you just open the door and there you are.  You can even hire a chef to do in-home meal prep for you so that everybody in the family gets a break.  Imagine how much fun that would be!

Hacienda del Pacifico

Hacienda del Pacifico is a 4-bedroom beach house for 8.  Spend lazy afternoons here by the pool and cool tropical evenings listening to the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach on the other side of the trees. Your direct beach access is just outside your door.

Casa Tranquila

Here’s a quintessential beach house that is outfitted with every luxury.  Casa Tranquila has 4 bedrooms and sleeps up to 8 guests.  No other Tamarindo vacation rental beats this one for beachfront location!

5. The View to Die for + Modern Luxury

Consider this:  a totally sleek modern vacation rental property built for the view.  Imagine floor to ceiling glass along the coast-facing side of the home, simple lines, comfortable furniture inside, an infinity pool outside, and in every room the unbelievable panorama of Tamarindo’s turquoise horizon where it meets the sea.  This is what you get in our modern mountainside homes.    These properties are located in Tamarindo just above the hubbub of the busy street, but are still only minutes away from the sand. 

Compass house

The photographs of Compass House speak for themselves.  Yes, this is a real vacation rental home in Tamarindo and yes it really looks like that.  The house has 8 bedrooms and sleeps up to 16.

Lomas del Mar

Lomas del Mar offers an amazing view of the all of Tamarindo, Playa Grande, and the Las Baulas Estuary in between.  Chic and modern, there are 4 bedroom suites for up to 8 and a pristine infinity pool.

6.  The View to Die for + Old-School Beach House

This is truly unique category of home is something you won’t find just anywhere—it’s a Tamarindo specialty!  Once upon a time, instead of stainless steel, pale marble and minimalist aesthetic, there were terracotta tiles, almond wood ceiling beams, and artesian-created ceramic sconces.  In homes like these, you can lose yourself the timeless charm of the quintessential tropical beach house and the breathtaking view of the sky, sea, and rolling jungle hills.  These hillside beach houses offer every amenity and form part of Tamarindo’s history.  Stark modern vacation rental houses are everywhere—in every vacation destination all the world over—but if you love luxury mixed with the local fingerprint and a sense of place, one of our ocean view beach houses is the place for you.

Casa Leo Loco

Casa Leo Loco is perched above Tamarindo and is one of our favorite classic hilltop beach houses.  There are 6 bedrooms for up to 12 guests, a multi-level infinity pool, and stunningly landscaped grounds.  Imagine the sunsets!

Casa Catalina

Casa Catalina is one of Tamarindo’s original beach houses.  It is set so high on the hill and offers such a dizzying view of the bay that on a clear day the Catalina Islands are visible in the distance.  Your group of up to 16 is welcome here in the home’s 5 bedrooms.

As you can see, the perfect vacation rental in Tamarindo is here waiting for you.  Contact our team of experts and make your reservation today!

Top 6 Reasons to Have a Tamarindo Destination Wedding

A Costa Rica destination wedding is a wonderful idea!   You get to go on vacation with your favorite friends and close family while you celebrate this important moment—what’s not to love about that?  The other thing that’s great about a destination wedding is that it automatically helps you make selections on the guest list.  You don’t have to feel bad about not inviting your ex-next-door-neighbor or your best friend from the 7th grade because that’s not how destination weddings work.  It’s the perfect compromise between having a “normal” wedding, and eloping—you get to celebrate, but only with your nearest and dearest.  Awesome.

Costa Rica wedding photographer
Photo: Toh Gouttenoire

So why should you pick Tamarindo for your Costa Rica wedding?  We think it’s a no-brainer and there are 6 of the top reasons!

  1. Tamarindo Beach Is Amazing

Tamarindo beach is fabulously, famously beautiful.  At low tide in Tamarindo, the water recedes, leaving a vast stretch of sand with outcroppings of lava rock that is a dream setting for a tropical sunset wedding.  What could be more romantic?  We can’t think of anything.  High tide beach weddings are beautiful as well, with the water lapping at your toes and the sound of breaking waves providing the music.  If you decide not to hold your wedding directly on the beach, there are lots of beachfront venues available where Tamarindo can form the backdrop of the photos you will treasure for a lifetime.

Tamarindo Beach in the early morning.

You and your guests are going to do a lot more than just have a wedding ceremony on this trip, and Tamarindo beach is a place that has something for everyone.  The surfers can surf, the swimmers can swim, and grandma can sip pina coladas in the shade.  You might think that’s a given at any beach, but not necessarily.  Some beaches are too rough for swimming, others are too flat for surfing, and many are remote enough that a cold umbrella drink would be hard to come by.  Tamarindo has it all, and the beach itself is reason number one not to go anywhere else. You probably don’t even need the other five reasons, but here they are:

  1. The Climate is Perfect

Tamarindo has perfect weather.  Think about it: that’s the main ingredient that puts a place on the destination wedding list in the first place, right?  People aren’t exactly lining up to get married in Iceland.  In Tamarindo, we have 365 days of summer, and rainy days–days when it rains from morning to night–are rare.

Costa rica wedding photographer
Photo: Toh Gouttenoire

There are two seasons in this region: the rainy season and the dry season.  It’s impossible to say which one is the “best” because there are “best” things about both of them.  The best things about the rainy season are:
–Everything is lush and green.
–The sunsets are glorious, with the clouds that act like prisms and turn every imaginable color.
–Evenings are comfortably cooler.

Costa Rica wedding photographer
Photo: Toh Gouttenoire

The best things about the dry season are:
–For 6 months you can forget about the rain factor.
–The humidity is very low.
–Tamarindo is at its busy, vibrant best.

When you contact us for more information, we can tell you what kind of weather to expect on your special day.

  1. There are Amazing Event Venues and Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

For your Costa Rica destination wedding, you need the perfect vacation rental and you also need the perfect venue for the event.  Tamarindo has both of these things.  We offer elite vacation rentals that range from beachfront to mountain top—many of which are so spectacularly beautiful that many couples choose to make the vacation rental property the event venue.  In other words, in Tamarindo, it is possible to rent a house so big and so gorgeous that you scrap the idea of getting married directly on the beach, and you instead get married in the beachfront or ocean view mansion that you have rented with your family and friends.  You can have a catered meal, a DJ, a Costa Rica wedding photographer and more —in the privacy of your own five-star space.  Think it over.

Casa de Luz is an excellent Tamarindo vacation rental home/event venue

In the Tamarindo area, there are vacation rental homes/event venues that can sleep over 20 guests.  Another option is to rent multiple adjacent villas in a gated community if you’re bringing a large multi-family group.  We’re the experts at helping you get these details ironed out, so contact us and let’s talk about what kind of Tamarindo wedding you’d like to have.

  1. You Get Your Favorite1st World Amenities

You may not have thought about it this way, but one reason Tamarindo it the best place for your Costa Rica wedding is that you and your guests will be comfortable here.  We absolutely recommend that you branch out and do some roughing-it in life, but…  maybe not for your wedding!  You can do that next year—plus you have grandpa with you and your sister’s pack of kids, so let’s make things easy on everybody.  Here are some comforts you will find in Tamarindo—things you might take for granted but shouldn’t in Central America—that you cannot be guaranteed to find just anywhere:

Costa rica wedding photographer
Photo: Toh Gouttenoire

–We’re less than 2 hours from the airport.
–The roads are paved.
–We have American-style supermarkets.
–Everybody has wi-fi.
–Everything is air-conditioned.
–We have pharmacies, dentists, and doctor’s offices.  Just in case.
–It’s easy to rent a car in Tamarindo.  Oh, and the gas station is only 10 minutes away.
–You can walk anywhere in town (yay, no steep hills).
–The water is drinkable (most people prefer bottled water, but the tap water will not make you sick).
–You can use American dollars pretty much everywhere.
–Essentially every business of has at least one person who speaks English.

  1. Tamarindo Has Excellent Restaurants

One of the reasons to have your destination wedding in Tamarindo is that the town is full of great restaurants.  Our very favorite is Pangas Beach Club, and Pangas Beach Club also happens to be an excellent wedding venue.  Pangas is located in the sand at the sleepy north end of Tamarindo beach underneath sprawling laurel trees and beside the Las Baulas National Park.  Their menu is amazing, and the setting is magical.  No, it really is.  At Pangas, your event can be held in the outdoor beachfront dining area under the trees or moved indoors if the weather is uncooperative.  It’s the perfect place to combine the option of a beach wedding in the sand with an elegant meal and your own private dance party afterward.  Pangas also caters, so if you decide to get married at your vacation rental, keep them in mind for the meal.

And then there are all the other restaurants in town!   Where to go for dinner is one of the toughest choices Tamarindo’s visitors have to make and believe us, it’s not easy.  A destination wedding is a very special trip for everyone in your group, so you want a place like Tamarindo where every meal you get will be the best one you’ve had on vacation.

costa rica wedding photographer
Photo: Toh Gouttenoire

  1. There Are Tons of Fun Things To Do

You getting married is obviously the most unforgettable part of this trip for everyone, but so many other wonderful memories are going to be tied to this trip forever for all involved.  Tamarindo and the surrounding area is a playground of fun and fascinating things to do.  There is literally something for everyone.  There is golf, sport fishing, and surfing.  There are catamaran cruises, spas and wellness centers, yoga studios, and shopping.  There are National park tours, canopy zip lines, ATV treks, mountain biking and of course the let’s not forget just enjoying the beach!  Your Tamarindo wedding is going to be the central event of the best vacation your friends and family have ever had because Tamarindo literally has something for everyone.

The fun isn’t over when the sun goes down, either!  Tamarindo nightlife offers everything from fire dancers on the beach just after sunset to deejays that will keep you dancing all night long.  Have your bachelor and bachelorette parties where you can dance in the sand and stroll down the street exploring the colors and languages that mix in this unique town.

Costa Rica wedding photographer
Photo: Toh Gouttenoire

Because of all of the reasons that Tamarindo is the best place for your Costa Rica destination wedding, you aren’t the first one to think of it—lucky you!  Many first-class wedding planners make a living in Tamarindo and we’d be happy to give you our recommendations on who to call first.  Let us help you get the party started. 

Costa rica wedding photographer
Photo: Toh Gouttenoire

Enjoy Both Tamarindo & Nicaragua on Your Costa Rica Trip

If you’re the kind of traveler who’s interested in a truly unique Central American vacation, we have an idea for you:  visit Nicaragua.  Think about it–you already have your passport, and from Tamarindo the Nicaraguan border is only half as far as the Costa Rican capital of San Jose.  Two and a half hours north of us, a whole new country is waiting for you to explore.  It’s a country of lakes, volcanoes, farmland, busy towns, stunning beaches, and rich culture.  In many ways Nicaragua is similar to Costa Rica, especially to Guanacaste which once belonged to Nicaragua but chose to annex to Costa Rica about 200 years ago.

Photo: Unsplash

How to do a two-country vacation?  Fly into Liberia’s Daniel Oduber airport and spend the first part of your vacation in your Tamarindo vacation rental.  Enjoy the exciting variety of things to do in Tamarindo and the unforgettable variety of Tamarindo restaurants and nightlife.  We recommend you stay in Tamarindo for as long as you can while still leaving yourself at least a night or two to spend in Nicaragua.  You could easily spend a week in each place if your vacation schedule allows.

You’ll want to take a taxi or a bus to the border.  You won’t be able to drive a Costa Rican rental car into Nicaragua, so if you’ve got one, turn it in before you leave Tamarindo.  Crossing the border from Costa into Nicaragua is a fascinating experience. You’ll arrive at Peñas Blancas (the Costa Rican side of the border), get your luggage, go through the line to have your passport stamped, and to pay some taxes and fees.  There is a bank at the border where you can change American dollars or Costa Rican colones for Nicaraguan cordoba, or you can change cash with one of the many money changers that carry wads of bills around.  If you choose to skip the bank line, be careful.

It is possible to get a reasonable (if not ideal) exchange rate instead of standing in line, but ask what rate you’re getting, use a calculator to figure it out, and count carefully the cordobas you are given.  If you realize later that something is wrong, there won’t be anything you can do about it.  Next, you’ll take a 2-3 minute walk down a shady road to the Nicaraguan side of the border crossing.  Yes, you actually cross this border on foot.  It’s pretty cool.  On the Nicaraguan side, you’ll get another stamp in your passport, pay some more taxes and fees, and then you’re ready to explore!  Get on a bus or take a taxi and watch Nicaragua unfold in front of you!

Photo: Unplash


The town of Rivas is the first place of interest you will come to in Nicaragua.  It’s a small colonial city about 40 minutes north of the border.  Rivas is a great place to stop for lunch on your way to Ometepe, Granada, or Masaya, but Rivas itself is not exactly a tourist’s dream destination.  It has plenty of history and if you’re going to Nicaragua for the straight-up cultural experience of everyday life in the country then Rivas is for you.  If you’re looking for luxury, beauty and the kind of pampering you experience in Costa Rica–keep going.

Photo: Unsplash

If you turn off the main highway before you get to Rivas and head west to the coast, you will find a popular beach town called San Juan del Sur.  San Juan del Sur is like a mini-Tamarindo of yesteryear.  Lots of little shops, diverse cafes and restaurants, a wide range of hotels and hostels, a traditional market and local art/craft vendors are all gathered into a little hillside town by a gentle bay.  If you only have one or two nights to spend in Nicaragua, this is the place for you.  It’s easy to get to, easy to find things to do in, and a quick trip back to Costa Rica so you can make your flight.  Walk the beach, take a tour to other nearby beaches, or get in on a surf trip to the famous break at Playa Matapalo.  Shop the markets, go for a swim, and enjoy your favorite meal at sunset for a fraction of what you would pay in Costa Rica.

Probably the most amazing thing you can do in the southern sector of Nicaragua is to visit the island of Ometepe.  Ometepe rises out of in Lake Nicaragua, and you will see it as you travel north from the border crossing into the country.  You can’t miss Ometepe on a clear day because the two enormous volcanoes that formed it rise from the sea-sized lake that stretches for hours along the coast.  To get to Ometepe, you’ll go to the town of San Jorge just a few minutes from Rivas, where you’ll take a ferry.  The ferry will transport you and lots of other colorful passengers across the lake to the island. Ometepe is so big that you don’t even feel like you’re on an island.  Of course then Lake Nicaragua is so big that it doesn’t feel like a lake!   On Ometepe, one of the most unforgettable things you can do is to hike the volcanoes.

Photo: Unsplash

Sister volcanoes Concepción and Maderas, formed the island, and guides can take you for an unforgettable trip up either one.  Concepción is an active volcano.  You can hike up to lava rock fields near the cone where steam pours from fissures between the rocks.  It’s not perhaps the safest pastime, but you can do it if you’re up for the adventure.  Maderas is a dormant volcano (the safer sister!) and contains a cool lake in its crater.  A hike up Volcan Maderas is considerably less dangerous and just as beautiful in different ways.  Got time?  Do both!

The other thing you need to do on the Island of Ometepe is get with a guide–hire one privately or take a tour–of Ometepe’s historical interest points.  See one of Somoza’s coffee plantations, hike to petroglyphs in the mountains, travel to indigenous communities, visit thermal pools, and discover the rich history of Nicaragua’s turbulent past.  You will never forget Ometepe.  Guaranteed.

Photo: Unsplash

Further into Nicaragua lies the colonial town of Granada.  You will drive along the shore of Lake Nicaragua for a full hour from Rivas before you are even near Granada.  Granada is one of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas and it is also a rich source of indigenous historical sites and modern historical points of interest.  Visit a colonial church, pre-Columbian statues, a fortress from the many wars Nicaragua suffered in the 20th century and hike a volcano that predates all of it. Tourism is Granada’s main source of income, and this is one of the places in Nicaragua where discerning travelers can be the most comfortable.  Budget travelers will do fine anywhere in Nicaragua, but Granada is one of the places where high-end accommodations and services will be easier to find.

Our last recommendation for your quick trip to southern Nicaragua is the city of Masaya.  Masaya is famous for two things–the volcanic national park it is named after, and its art/craft markets.  Tours to the volcano are low-intensity (unlike Concepción and Maderas on the island of Ometepe) and can be enjoyed by everyone.  This is Nicaragua’s first national park and is a great idea for a night-time activity when the glowing lava in the crater is a spectacular sight.


Before you leave Nicaragua, get your souvenir shopping on at one (or both!) of Masaya’s markets.  There’s a municipal market and a tourist market.  The tourist market it what it sounds like–a bright, clean market with comfortable aisles filled with crafts and souvenirs that are exactly what you want to bring home with you from your visit to Nicaragua.  The municipal market is where the locals shop.  There is also a souvenir section (cheaper, too!) in the municipal market, but talk about a cultural experience that will challenge your comfort zone!  Baskets, fruits, vegetables, raw meats, raw fish, shoes, shirts, bags, backpacks, watches, socks, cleaning products, personal products, lunches, breakfasts, baby clothes, chickens, cosmetics…  It’s all there jumbled together.  The only thing you won’t find at the municipal market is personal space.

Photo: Unsplash


Our advice?  Don’t miss it!  You’re in Nicaragua after all!  Make sure your bags are zipped shut and dive in.  Do something you’ve never done before.  Soon enough you’ll be back home in the chilly freezer section of your local grocery store where everything is much more under control but not nearly as interesting!

Are you interested in seeing Nicaragua?  Contact us while your vacation is in the planning stages and let us give you some of our expert tips and advise on how to get the best of both countries!





Vacation Rental of Tamarindo – Top 5 Places to Stay in Tamarindo

One of the most important decisions you have to make as you plan your Costa Rica vacation is where to stay in Tamarindo.  There are all kinds of options for every budget and every group size.  Some are beachfront, some are hilltop spots with an ocean view, some don’t offer an ocean view but are literally a 2-minute walk to the surf and sand…how do you decide?

The first variable is group size.  If you’re traveling alone or with a friend/partner, a small vacation rental condo or a Tamarindo hotel room might be the right choice for you.  If you’re planning a group travel occasion or a special event like a wedding or an important birthday celebration, you absolutely want a Tamarindo vacation rental home where all of you can share a common area.

Tamarindo Beach

Photo by Tamarindowiki – Tamarindowiki helicopter aerial photo, CC BY-SA 3.0, 

The next question is budget.  Generally speaking, the more you are willing to pay, the closer to the water you can stay.  That principle doesn’t always apply, but it’s a reasonable guide.  And of course keep in mind that a Tamarindo vacation rental is always a great deal because the cost is split between all of your group, and having your own kitchen keeps you from having to purchase every meal in a restaurant.

Today, we’re featuring for you our Vacation Rentals of Tamarindo Top 5 Places To Stay.  If we listed them according to how wonderful they are, they would all be first–which is impossible.  So we’re placing them here, from largest to smallest, according to the maximum number of guests each property can accommodate.  Check out these amazing options:

Casa Costa Blanca

Max Occupancy: 24

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Casa Costa Blanca

Casa Costa Blanca is a jewel.  It would be worth rounding up a group of 18 or 20 people to come to Costa Rica with you just for the joy of spending your days and nights in this breathtaking beachfront mansion.

The home is located inside the gated community of Hacienda Pinilla, Guanacaste’s premier gated community.  Hacienda Pinilla is a popular vacation destination for surfers because of the 3 miles of coast that the property lies along, and golfers also love it for the 5-star 18-hole golf course.

Casa Costa Blanca is set right by the sand.  From the terraces and the infinity pool, you can watch the waves crashing onto the lava rock and sand, and take in tropical Pacific sunsets that will blow your mind.  The main house is a two-story structure that contains a full kitchen and living/dining area on both levels.  This allows you all kinds of creative flexibility for privacy and togetherness within your large group.  A spacious outdoor barbeque terrace is designed to seat and serve all the guests of a full house, making the beachfront lawn an especially appropriate spot for beachfront weddings.

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals
Casa Costa Blanca’s beachfront outdoor living area

No wedding?  It doesn’t matter.  Corporate retreats, yoga retreats, family reunions–all of these group travel occasions merit a vacation rental like Costa Casa Blanca.  This home is hands-down our top pick for large groups!

Compass House
Max Occupancy: 16

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Compass House

Compass House is our pick for larger mid-sized groups.  It’s right here in Tamarindo Beach, set on a hillside overlooking Tamarindo’s rooftops, the Tamarindo Bay, and Punta San Francisco toward Langosta.  Compass House is brand new and is the quintessential chic modern minimalist vacation rental property.  You will love it.  The sharp angles and muted colors of the home itself accentuate the brilliant blues, greens, and the organic shapes of trees and clouds that surround it.  From each room of the house, giant glass windows and sliding doors blur the lines between what is inside and what is outside.

We love Compass House for lots of reasons–one of which is the size of its common spaces.  Cooking, dining, and lounging areas are all combined in a single open design that adapts well of groups of all kinds.  A kitchen spans the back of the living area, which includes an indoor dining option, and opens onto the pool terrace where an outdoor dining table made of a single slab of local wood stretches the length of the space.

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Bedroom at Compass House

Compass House isn’t our largest home in Tamarindo, but it’s still an excellent choice for your destination wedding or other special events.  Imagine the photos of your sunset ceremony by the pool with brilliant cloud colors illuminating the background on your special day.  Sunset cocktails on the terrace are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion.

Casa Ventanas

Max Occupancy: 12

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Casa Ventanas

Casa Ventanas is a Tamarindo favorite, and we don’t just mean ours–we mean everyone’s!  This is a vacation rental home you’re going to have to book in advance.  The location is fantastic and the home is beautiful.  You’ll want to a car or a golf cart to get up the hill to the ocean look-out spot where Casa Ventanas is perched, but don’t take that to mean its location is remote.  Casa Ventanas is right in Tamarindo but set just above the businesses of the beach and the street.

The home, with a west wall comprised entirely of ocean-facing windows (“ventanas”) overlooks the Tamarindo Bay from Punta San Francisco to the south, to the Las Baulas Estuary and Playa Grande to the north.  The panorama from the pool, the dining room, and the bedrooms is breathtaking.

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Open common area at Casa Ventanas

Extended families love this home, sets of friends traveling with kids come back year after year, and intimate wedding parties choose this spot all the time.  What could be better than waking up in Casa Ventanas looking out over the trees at the water?  Get up, have a cup of hot coffee in the shade of the terrace by the pool, and listen to the parrots and monkeys discuss their plans for the day.  This home is located within a gated community that provides an extra layer of safety and comfort to your Tamarindo vacation.

Pacific Soul Catamaran
Max Occupancy: 8

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Pacific Soul

How imaginative are you?  How adventurous?  What if your vacation rental wasn’t located on land?  What if your vacation rental, for a night or two or three, was a catamaran?  Are you in?

The Pacific Soul Catamaran is a pristine 4-bedroom 4-bath catamaran with a captain and crew who are up for whatever you are.  Want to go surfing?  They’re ready.  Off-shore deep sea fishing?  Let’s go.  A coast-line cruise with (or without?) on-land stops at adventure centers, restaurants, or hidden coves?  How about a combo of any/all of the above?  Pacific Soul voyages are completely customizable to your group and your interests.

The sailors aboard the Pacific Soul are amazing cooks, and all meals are included.  The bar is always open, and sea toys like snorkel gear, a kayak, paddle board and noodles for floating are included for your use.  Don’t take an afternoon snorkel cruise, move onto the boat and make it your home!

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Bedroom and living area of Pacific Soul

You won’t believe the beauty of the sunset or the moonrise as you will experience them anchored in a secluded bay with just clouds and stars overhead.  The crew on the boat has been sailing in and around the area for decades, so you’re in good hands and can completely relax on this floating piece of paradise.

Villa Mansita

Max occupancy 6

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Villa Mansita

For our smallest featured property, we’re taking you back to Hacienda Pinilla.  Villa Mansita is an exquisite 2-bedroom condo located in Hacienda Pinilla.  This condo is on a property that borders the beach and overlooks the Pacific horizon, but it is not set directly on the water.  Not to worry–a quick walk down the brick path and your toes will be in the sand!

This luxury condo offers every amenity of Hacienda Pinilla and it has an extra:  its location adjacent to the JW Marriot Resort.  Enjoy meals at the restaurants in the resort as availability permits, and freely enjoy the shady beachfront palapas and convenient restrooms.

Tamarindo is only a 15-minute drive from Hacienda Pinilla so don’t let the secluded feel of your Villa Mansita hideaway fool you–in no time at all you can be in Tamarindo walking the streets lined with colorful shops and world cuisine, listening to the amazing array of languages overheard here every day.

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals
Villa Mansita Master Bedroom

These five properties are featured to give you an idea of the variety of homes available for you to choose from in the planning stages of your Costa Rica vacation.  Contact Vacation Rentals of Tamarindo today and let us help you pick the one that’s right for you!