Top 6 Reasons to Have a Tamarindo Destination Wedding

A Costa Rica destination wedding is a wonderful idea!   You get to go on vacation with your favorite friends and close family while you celebrate this important moment—what’s not to love about that?  The other thing that’s great about a destination wedding is that it automatically helps you make selections on the guest list.  You don’t have to feel bad about not inviting your ex-next-door-neighbor or your best friend from the 7th grade because that’s not how destination weddings work.  It’s the perfect compromise between having a “normal” wedding, and eloping—you get to celebrate, but only with your nearest and dearest.  Awesome.

Costa Rica wedding photographer
Photo: Toh Gouttenoire

So why should you pick Tamarindo for your Costa Rica wedding?  We think it’s a no-brainer and there are 6 of the top reasons!

  1. Tamarindo Beach Is Amazing

Tamarindo beach is fabulously, famously beautiful.  At low tide in Tamarindo, the water recedes, leaving a vast stretch of sand with outcroppings of lava rock that is a dream setting for a tropical sunset wedding.  What could be more romantic?  We can’t think of anything.  High tide beach weddings are beautiful as well, with the water lapping at your toes and the sound of breaking waves providing the music.  If you decide not to hold your wedding directly on the beach, there are lots of beachfront venues available where Tamarindo can form the backdrop of the photos you will treasure for a lifetime.

Tamarindo Beach in the early morning.

You and your guests are going to do a lot more than just have a wedding ceremony on this trip, and Tamarindo beach is a place that has something for everyone.  The surfers can surf, the swimmers can swim, and grandma can sip pina coladas in the shade.  You might think that’s a given at any beach, but not necessarily.  Some beaches are too rough for swimming, others are too flat for surfing, and many are remote enough that a cold umbrella drink would be hard to come by.  Tamarindo has it all, and the beach itself is reason number one not to go anywhere else. You probably don’t even need the other five reasons, but here they are:

  1. The Climate is Perfect

Tamarindo has perfect weather.  Think about it: that’s the main ingredient that puts a place on the destination wedding list in the first place, right?  People aren’t exactly lining up to get married in Iceland.  In Tamarindo, we have 365 days of summer, and rainy days–days when it rains from morning to night–are rare.

Costa rica wedding photographer
Photo: Toh Gouttenoire

There are two seasons in this region: the rainy season and the dry season.  It’s impossible to say which one is the “best” because there are “best” things about both of them.  The best things about the rainy season are:
–Everything is lush and green.
–The sunsets are glorious, with the clouds that act like prisms and turn every imaginable color.
–Evenings are comfortably cooler.

Costa Rica wedding photographer
Photo: Toh Gouttenoire

The best things about the dry season are:
–For 6 months you can forget about the rain factor.
–The humidity is very low.
–Tamarindo is at its busy, vibrant best.

When you contact us for more information, we can tell you what kind of weather to expect on your special day.

  1. There are Amazing Event Venues and Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

For your Costa Rica destination wedding, you need the perfect vacation rental and you also need the perfect venue for the event.  Tamarindo has both of these things.  We offer elite vacation rentals that range from beachfront to mountain top—many of which are so spectacularly beautiful that many couples choose to make the vacation rental property the event venue.  In other words, in Tamarindo, it is possible to rent a house so big and so gorgeous that you scrap the idea of getting married directly on the beach, and you instead get married in the beachfront or ocean view mansion that you have rented with your family and friends.  You can have a catered meal, a DJ, a Costa Rica wedding photographer and more —in the privacy of your own five-star space.  Think it over.

Casa de Luz is an excellent Tamarindo vacation rental home/event venue

In the Tamarindo area, there are vacation rental homes/event venues that can sleep over 20 guests.  Another option is to rent multiple adjacent villas in a gated community if you’re bringing a large multi-family group.  We’re the experts at helping you get these details ironed out, so contact us and let’s talk about what kind of Tamarindo wedding you’d like to have.

  1. You Get Your Favorite1st World Amenities

You may not have thought about it this way, but one reason Tamarindo it the best place for your Costa Rica wedding is that you and your guests will be comfortable here.  We absolutely recommend that you branch out and do some roughing-it in life, but…  maybe not for your wedding!  You can do that next year—plus you have grandpa with you and your sister’s pack of kids, so let’s make things easy on everybody.  Here are some comforts you will find in Tamarindo—things you might take for granted but shouldn’t in Central America—that you cannot be guaranteed to find just anywhere:

Costa rica wedding photographer
Photo: Toh Gouttenoire

–We’re less than 2 hours from the airport.
–The roads are paved.
–We have American-style supermarkets.
–Everybody has wi-fi.
–Everything is air-conditioned.
–We have pharmacies, dentists, and doctor’s offices.  Just in case.
–It’s easy to rent a car in Tamarindo.  Oh, and the gas station is only 10 minutes away.
–You can walk anywhere in town (yay, no steep hills).
–The water is drinkable (most people prefer bottled water, but the tap water will not make you sick).
–You can use American dollars pretty much everywhere.
–Essentially every business of has at least one person who speaks English.

  1. Tamarindo Has Excellent Restaurants

One of the reasons to have your destination wedding in Tamarindo is that the town is full of great restaurants.  Our very favorite is Pangas Beach Club, and Pangas Beach Club also happens to be an excellent wedding venue.  Pangas is located in the sand at the sleepy north end of Tamarindo beach underneath sprawling laurel trees and beside the Las Baulas National Park.  Their menu is amazing, and the setting is magical.  No, it really is.  At Pangas, your event can be held in the outdoor beachfront dining area under the trees or moved indoors if the weather is uncooperative.  It’s the perfect place to combine the option of a beach wedding in the sand with an elegant meal and your own private dance party afterward.  Pangas also caters, so if you decide to get married at your vacation rental, keep them in mind for the meal.

And then there are all the other restaurants in town!   Where to go for dinner is one of the toughest choices Tamarindo’s visitors have to make and believe us, it’s not easy.  A destination wedding is a very special trip for everyone in your group, so you want a place like Tamarindo where every meal you get will be the best one you’ve had on vacation.

costa rica wedding photographer
Photo: Toh Gouttenoire
  1. There Are Tons of Fun Things To Do

You getting married is obviously the most unforgettable part of this trip for everyone, but so many other wonderful memories are going to be tied to this trip forever for all involved.  Tamarindo and the surrounding area is a playground of fun and fascinating things to do.  There is literally something for everyone.  There is golf, sport fishing, and surfing.  There are catamaran cruises, spas and wellness centers, yoga studios, and shopping.  There are National park tours, canopy zip lines, ATV treks, mountain biking and of course the let’s not forget just enjoying the beach!  Your Tamarindo wedding is going to be the central event of the best vacation your friends and family have ever had because Tamarindo literally has something for everyone.

The fun isn’t over when the sun goes down, either!  Tamarindo nightlife offers everything from fire dancers on the beach just after sunset to deejays that will keep you dancing all night long.  Have your bachelor and bachelorette parties where you can dance in the sand and stroll down the street exploring the colors and languages that mix in this unique town.

Costa Rica wedding photographer
Photo: Toh Gouttenoire

Because of all of the reasons that Tamarindo is the best place for your Costa Rica destination wedding, you aren’t the first one to think of it—lucky you!  Many first-class wedding planners make a living in Tamarindo and we’d be happy to give you our recommendations on who to call first.  Let us help you get the party started. 

Costa rica wedding photographer
Photo: Toh Gouttenoire