Costa Rica Easter Holiday: How & Where to Celebrate

aerial view Tamarindo Playa Grande 16 9

You call it your Costa Rica Easter holiday; Latin America calls it Semana Santa. You celebrate with chocolate, bunnies, colorful eggs, and meals based on ham or perhaps lamb. Costa Rica, however, celebrates with none of the above.

Instead, it embraces religious processions and Costa Rica Easter traditions, including stuffed pastries, corn and dried cheese biscuits (called rosquillas), and trips to the beach. And if you visit during this time of year, know that this week – typically falling anywhere from mid-March to mid-April – is poised to be the cultural experience of your life.

So, we’ve written this guide so you can know what to expect, when to expect it, and how to have the best vacation of your life amidst this unique cultural phenomenon.

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Plan A Perfect Day: Tamarindo, Costa Rica Excursions, Dining & Relaxation

Playa Tamarindo beach

What does a perfect day look like? For us, it’s about pairing a few Tamarindo, Costa Rica excursions with plenty of relaxation, sightseeing, and an abundance of good company and great food.

Begin your perfect day by catching the early morning waves, as the sun rises over the horizon (or not… sleeping in is also a valid option!), offering a breathtaking backdrop for your surfing adventures. After an exhilarating session in the surf, unwind on the soft sands of Playa Tamarindo, basking in the warmth of the tropical sun and listening to the soothing sound of the waves.

As the day transitions into evening, take one of our guest-favorite Tamarindo day trips and embark on a sunset sail along the Pacific coast, where you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the vibrant sky ablaze with hues of orange and pink.

Upon returning to shore, indulge in a culinary masterpiece prepared by your private chef, who crafts a gourmet feast showcasing the flavors of Costa Rica with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Dine al fresco under the stars, surrounded by the tropical landscapes as you reflect on the perfect day spent in paradise.

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Surf Vacation in Costa Rica? Plan the Ultimate Trip, From Beginner to Advanced

surfing at Playa Grande Costa Rica

Planning the ultimate surf vacation in Costa Rica is an exciting prospect! As you eagerly anticipate the thrill of riding the waves, you may find yourself already dreaming about those invigorating morning rides, that special surfboard wax, and even those revitalizing afternoon naps you’ll enjoy on your vacation.

However, a slight challenge then presents itself – you’re not entirely certain about the details. Where to go, when to go, where to stay – it’s all a bit uncertain. Because the best surf beaches in Costa Rica are legendary, and whether you’re a beginner just getting the hang of popping up or an advanced surfer seeking the next exhilarating challenge, one thing is certain: you’ll soon be surfing in Costa Rica. That alone is exhilarating, and this guide is here to fill in the blanks.

From the best surf breaks (from brand-new beginner to absolutely epic), the top surf destinations, and even where to stay, here’s your guide to planning the ultimate surf vacation in Costa Rica:

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Top-10 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica in 2024

Rainy Tamarindo Sunsets 16 9

As you embark on planning your upcoming travels, we present a compelling case for why your journeys in 2024 should lead you to Costa Rica. ¡Pura vida! Here are our top 10 reasons to visit Costa Rica – plus a few hand-selected Costa Rica holiday rentals to fuel your wanderlust.

Reason #1: There are Hundreds of Beaches to Explore

Playa Conchal near Tamarindo

Top 10 reasons to visit Costa Rica in 2024? Try top one. Nestled between the Pacific and the Atlantic/Caribbean, Costa Rica boasts over 300 stunningly diverse beaches, making it a beach lover’s paradise.

Renowned for their beauty and variety, Costa Rica’s beaches consistently earn accolades as some of the world’s best beaches. Recently, Playa Conchal, north of Tamarindo, was crowned the world’s best beach by Big 7 Travel, citing ecological responsibility, social media popularity, and editorial opinion as contributing factors. With recognition like this, our exquisite beaches represent one of the most beautiful, eye-catching reasons to visit Costa Rica in 2024.

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How to Select the Perfect Vacation Rental Company & Tamarindo Home Rentals

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As you navigate the vast selection of vacation homes available, the sheer magnitude can be overwhelming. Even more so, if you’re attempting to evaluate the best rentals Costa Rica. With thousands of possibilities and numerous companies vying for attention, you’re faced with a myriad of choices but ultimately tasked with one crucial decision.

To simplify this process, here’s a comprehensive list of considerations to guide you in evaluating your options and ensuring the best choice for your upcoming vacation.

How to Choose the Right Vacation Rental Company

best rentals in Costa Rica perfect management company

Nestled along Costa Rica’s Gold Coast, where pristine beaches meet unparalleled amenities, the Tamarindo is home to some of the best rentals Costa Rica. The key is in finding the best one for you.

So, what does this mean, and what should you anticipate from your vacation rental company? Here’s what you need to know and can expect from your Tamarindo vacation experience:

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Villas in Tamarindo: Amenities, Elite Services & Our Newest Rentals

Compass House Tamarindo vacation rental
Pictured: Compass House, one  of our newest Costa Rica Guanacaste vacation rentals

Discovering something new holds a unique charm – that rare exhilaration of being among the first to witness a mesmerizing vista, or to submerge yourself in the cool embrace of a private pool, or to revel in the premier upgrades and elite services at our Costa Rica Guanacaste vacation rentals.

And so, we thought we’d give you an easy way to grab hold of this uncommon luxury – the opportunity to be one of the first VRT guests to stay at our newest rentals. These homes are not just new to us; they are extraordinary in every sense. Be it the bubbles of a hot tub and fired-up pizza ovens or the endless horizon of infinity pools and panoramic ocean views, these new villas in Tamarindo offer fresh luxuries awaiting your indulgence.

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Bang For Your Buck: Tamarindo Villa Rentals Packed with Amenities

Casa Puros Dieces luxury villas in Tamarindo Costa Rica
Luxury amenities at our villas in Tamarindo, Costa Rica extend to these ocean views, infinity-edge pool, Jacuzzi, outdoor living, and much more (Pictured: Casa Puros Dieces)

When you want to splash out on next-level luxuries, our coastal town is an excellent choice: Over the years, we have grown to accommodate contemporary condos, oceanside mansions, and truly luxurious villas for rent in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and that pack in the amenities.

Often these vacation homes offer not just bang for your buck, but greater value, when compared to renting multiple hotel rooms, as well as the luxury of your own private resort. And if you’re wondering just what kind of amenities a “private resort” offers, then have a look…

Top-Tier Amenities at Our Villas for Rent in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Compass House Tamarindo villa rentals amenities
Top-tier amenities: ✅ Ocean views, ✅ infinity pool, ✅ outdoor living, and ✅ incredible sunsets (Pictured: Compass House)

Over the years, we’ve learned that luxury is not a static concept: It’s about what you value most. With that said, a home’s amenities and styling can and will add to your experience. Prioritize what matters most to you!

Here are a few of our guests’ favorite in-home amenities, which we are proud to offer at many of our villas for rent in Tamarindo, Costa Rica:

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Our Favorite Day Tours From Tamarindo – Off The Beaten Path

Tamarindo sunset

There’s something special about getting a little off the beaten path, isn’t there? (In fact, it’s probably one of our favorite Tamarindo things to do, if we can class it that way.)

Because, while we love hitting the beach, paddling into the surf, and restaurant-hopping all of Tamarindo’s downtown pleasures, venturing a little further afield gives us something to look forward to. It’s exciting. It’s exhilarating. And, given the right circumstances, it’s definitely something for the bucket list.

So, we thought we’d highlight a few of the best things to do in Tamarindo – and outside of Tamarindo, more accurately. From waterfalls and volcanoes to wildlife and white waters, here are some of our top recommendations for getting off the beaten path around Tamarindo:

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Experience a Costa Rica Luxury Vacation with Elite Services + Concierge

Playa Tamarindo beach

Some people like to say you can’t have everything. At Vacation Rentals Tamarindo, we like to say you can – especially when it comes to your Costa Rica luxury vacation! Welcome to convenience with privacy, to luxury that’s affordable, and to gorgeous coastline within your reach.

Over the years, we’ve learned that true luxury is not only about amenities and inclusions but also about quality of service. So, we’ve cultivated all those luxury features, villa amenities, and important details, while making sure to pair them with the highest standards of service and an authentic dedication to you, our guests.

Together, this combination has grown into our new Elite Service level, our highest tier of luxury services. We are pleased to introduce…

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Travel on a Budget: 6 Tips to Save on Your Tamarindo Vacation

aerial view Playa Grande Costa Rica 16 9

At its best, traveling on a budget is an exhilarating challenge: a chance to explore the world a little longer, enjoy a little more, and squeeze in a little more authenticity. And if that sounds like your kind of Tamarindo, Costa Rica vacation, then we’re here to help you identify a few great ways to pinch your colones, discover Costa Rica, and choose the best things to do in Tamarindo for you.

Tip #1: Cook at “Home”

budget spring break in Costa Rica cook kitchen 16 9
Pictured: The kitchen at Ibis Condo #1

By far, one of the easiest ways to travel on a budget is to cook some of your own meals, rather than ordering in or dining at a restaurant. And that’s where your vacation home’s kitchen comes in clutch.

That said, let’s not forget that this is still a Tamarindo, Costa Rica vacation – and no one’s saying that food prep is among the best things to do in Tamarindo! We recommend preparing most of your breakfasts, as there’s a certain level of relaxation already built in to waking up late and preparing a lazy breakfast or brunch at home. Beyond that, go easy for lunch with easy-prep options, like sandwiches, pasta salad, fresh fruits, and other dishes you can prep in an instant.

Dinner is a great time to splurge on either a meal out or a meal in: You can find some incredible catch-of-the-day options, if you love seafood, as well as plenty of local and imported goods at our local grocery stores. Be sure to choose something that feels a little special; again, you’re on vacation! And vacation is a great time for special.

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