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About Vacation Rentals of Tamarindo

Vacation Rentals of Tamarindo (VRT) is leading the way with our comprehensive, innovative, and efficient program of investor services and developer support.  Costa Rica’s emergence as a desirable environment for real estate investment, and its quickening, general evolution into a “first world” country, has strained property management resources and systems. This situation created an opportunity for the Summerland Group to use it

  1. experience as property and association managers
  2. skilled personnel in all functional areas
  3. commitment to technology and online services, to create Costa Rica’s first truly comprehensive, internet-based property management program and offer it through Summerland Services.

VRT Management Team have 5 years in the Market making the Property Management, Real Estate, Vacation Rentals and other services a Leading Company in the Guanacaste Market.

Since a Social policy where we dedicate many hours a week to help the community in environmental, social, educational activities to our training plans for our coworkers where every single of them is really important for us.

A new mentality where we join technology with best practices in the market, made Summerland Group grew since managing 5 units to more of 100 units and 5 Complexes.

VRT provide to his clients a great choice to prepare everything related to his taxes in Costa Rica.

File and pay taxes in Costa Rica is really important that's why we can do it for you.

We know you have many questions about Costa Rica Taxes but we are here to give you a hand.

VRT developed an Integral Security Team to provide this service to all Complexes we manage.

We have our own security Monitoring Center where we supervise our agents and the complexes.

Our agents are equipped with the basic equipment to protect, control and take care the Complexes

As a part of our integral system we developed an Internet tool where our clients have a secure access and manage who can have access to their residential properties. Just in seconds this will be updated in the Complex Front System where the Agents have to verify the permissions on every single unit.

VRT Operation Team understand you as a Investor need a local staff in your complex to be ready and aware of everything that happen around you property.

Our Operation Department Team is specialized on all possible situations that need to be solved it.

In a complex the presence of someone with experience to handle specific situations is vital to have a "healthy" complex.

These are our departments:






Vacation Rentals of Tamarind
Apartado Postal 63-50309 Tamarindo,
S.C. Guanacaste 50309
Local: +011 (506) 2653-1668
Toll-Free: +1 (888) 766-4616
Skype: vacationrentalsoftamarindo

Vacation Rentals of Tamarindo Apartado Postal 63-50309 Tamarindo, S.C. Guanacaste 50309 +1 (888) 766-4616

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