Langosta Beach, Costa Rica

Langosta Beach

Langosta Beach is the most exclusive residential area of Tamarindo and is located on its southern edge. It can be reached by vehicle along dirt roads from the center of Tamarindo, or by walking along the shoreline to the south from “the Circle”.

The brilliant waves and wind invite all for surfing and wind-surfing. Langosta hosts a wildlife refuge and a marine national park. The beach is large enough so that non-surfers can easily find quiet stretches. Parts of the beach have rip-currents and barely submerged rocks, so make local inquires before swimming.

Information for Surfers: This beach offers a right and left point break that curls off the mouth of a small river.

Information for Surfers:

Tamarindo has two main points: Pico Pequeño a rocky point in front of the Hotel Tamarindo Diriá and the excellent river mouth break called El Estero.

Resorts in Langosta Beach

Naxos Resort

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Crystal Sands Resort

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La Esquina Resort

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Peninsula Resort

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